On Being Home Again

After graduating from university, instead of travelling around the world or getting a job right away, I decided to spend time with my family back in my hometown to catch up with the life that I have missed in the past four years. I wanted to focus on my role as a daughter, a sister, an aunt and a […]View post →

A Box Full of Christmas Goodness

Two days ago, I received a Christmas parcel from my family.  Over the past few years that I was away from home, my family would always make sure that I receive some “physical” love from Malaysia since I can’t be home with them.  The boxes never fail to surprise me as my family gets more and more creative each year. View post →


I was sitting at the front passenger seat of the tiny car that we rented. We just finished a hike, and was looking for a dinner place with good beer. That’s what we always do when we travel together, the entire Vaz family, beers and laughters and gossips and sometimes, a little bit of drama. We were traveling […]View post →

7 Things I Forgot About My Family

For the passed 3 weeks that I’m back, I spent 90% of my time with my family and only my family. It’s funny how I was gone for 8 months (or 2 years since university starts), and there are so many things that I kinda forgot about these people that I knew for my whole […]View post →