Motivational Videos

Too busy to read? Here’s a list of my favourite videos that motivated me to be more productive, creative and positive. 

On Getting Started:

Whether it’s going to the gym, picking up a new hobby or starting a new business, often times, the hardest part about making a change or doing something new is the action of starting itself. Here are some of my favourite videos on just doing it.

On Goal Setting:

Goals are what drive us to move on every day. The motivation to stay persistent and not give up when we’re faced with failure. But how do we create goals that actually work, and ensure that we achieve them? Here are the videos that helped me in creating the right goals.

On Creativity:

Creativity is so much more than “being artsy”. It is the ability to create something new, whether it’s your business solution, kitchen life hacks, or your son’s Halloween costume. Here’s to living more creatively in your everyday life!

On Humanity:

As we focus on our goals and all that we want to achieve in life, let’s not forget to keep others in mind and be kind to one another.