February Playlist: Coffeeshop Dreaming

For the month of February, I would love to share this playlist called “Coffeeshop Dreaming” with you.  It is a playlist filled with some of my favourite acoustic/folk love songs.  When it comes to meet-ups and dates, I love coffee shops.  I love meeting people in a place that is brightly lit, smells of good […]View post →

Christmas time is here!

Christmas time is here! Ding dong time is here!  Christmas is my favourite holiday of the year.  I get super excited about it although I hadn’t been able to celebrate with my family for the past few years.  The short winter break and very expensive flight tickets made it impossible for me.  It sucks, and […]View post →

November Chill Pills

For my November newsletter, I decided to share a playlist that I created for a paint night event in school last month.  Many of the attendees loved it and asked for it, so I’m hoping that you’ll love it too.  It is filled with some folk songs and acoustic version of pop songs that I […]View post →

Ed Sheeran – Photograph Ukulele Cover

It was Thanksgiving in Canada last weekend.  Instead of studying for my midterm and working on my assignments, I spent almost every day meeting up with friends and having a great time with them. I chilled out with my roommates on Friday night, drinking and watching The Mindy Project; raved to Matoma & Project 46 & Audien & Alesso with […]View post →

Lost in New York – Penguin Prison

A week into my trip in New York City and I am madly in love with this place. This album from Penguin Prison really matches my mood each time I discover something new as I wander and run around the city. If only I can stay lost in New York forever. #LostInNewYork 🚇🌇🗽🇺🇸🚕🍕🍟🍔  View post →

Welcome Playlist!

Woot woot! You came to check out my music tab! 🎵🎶 Through this tab, I will be sharing songs that I am obsessed with at the moment. My choice of music ranges from folk to electronic dance depending on what mood I am in.  I enjoy listening to happy songs in general, so be sure to […]View post →