Living Vazzy is 10!

I remember back in high school, my sister used to shame me a lot for blogging. She teased me of being a “wannabe” and that I was dreaming of being “blogger famous” (yeap, those were the days, Instagram and YouTube didn’t exist yet). I used to get so annoyed by it, but fortunately I never […]View post →

Stepping Out of the Fear Zone

I originally drafted this post as a script for my upcoming YouTube video, but ended up feeling like writing about it instead. It’s been a while since I wrote a journal entry about my career/girlboss journey, and there’s something magical about writing that brings out different insights sometimes. If you follow me on my social […]View post →

Fabulous Father’s Day Gift Ideas

This is a contributed post for the upcoming celebration of Father’s day. Father’s Day is coming up in a few weeks, celebrating fathers and how much they mean to us. Not every country celebrates at the same time, but the third Sunday in June is the date for a number of countries. It’s the perfect […]View post →

Post GE14 Thoughts

Ah, it’s the morning after election and I’m feeling a million kinds of joy in me right now. Is that even a real feeling – a million kinds of joy? Whatever, I’m just so happy and I don’t know how to describe this restless happy feeling in me. For the first time since our independence […]View post →

Blessed and Loved

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m lying on my couch, sipping on a glass of sangria that K has just made, still in my pj’s from last night. It’s drizzling outside, I’m waiting for my laundry to be done and K is drowning in his game world. So here I am, absorbing this beautiful, quiet life […]View post →