Stepping Out of the Fear Zone

I originally drafted this post as a script for my upcoming YouTube video, but ended up feeling like writing about it instead. It’s been a while since I wrote a journal entry about my career/girlboss journey, and there’s something magical about writing that brings out different insights sometimes. If you follow me on my social […]View post →

The Value Of Part-Time Work

There may be many occasions in your life when it is likely you will want to get some part-time work, and when that is the case you might well have mixed feelings about it. Depending on why you are having to do it and what the work is, you will find that you need to […]View post →

Top Tips For Exam Preparation

Disclaimer: This is a contributed article.   It doesn’t matter whether you’re a student or are under employment, the thought of taking an exam can be the most frightening part of your education. Unlike coursework and other aspects of education, your potential success or failure all boils down to one moment. Naturally, then, this is […]View post →