Is There A Secret To Clearing The Mind?

If you have ever been the type of person to hold conversations in your mind, you know that it can get tiring. You overthink everything, ask questions that seem relevant at the time to a situation but when reflecting, you can see that you were worrying too much over nothing. You’re not in the minority actually, many people have this personality trait whereby they over-analyze things, making sure that in whatever situation they’re in they are fitting in or making sense. Social gathering is a particularly intense situation since you’re among people you don’t know or many of them are your friends but you’re unsure of where you stand in the group. You might think two, three or four times before saying something as you’re quite self-conscious about how you will come off to others. It’s not that you’re overly caring or worrying about people individually, but rather it’s being afraid to show your true self. You may find it hard to relate to people so you’re trying to fit in too much instead of being true to yourself. What you need to do is use various avenues to clear out your mind so you can be who you want to be without feeling as if you have to tow the line.

Write to explore your mind

The old trick of writing down what you’re thinking and feeling really does help to alleviate anxiety. When we are little we’re encouraged to keep a diary of our own, and write about the things we did and had happen to us in the day. Teachers especially encourage this because it allows children to release some of their energy, and also cultivate their personality. From time to time parents or the teachers might ask to read the diary to see what’s been going on and the thoughts they have had. This is because any personality traits that seem to be something to avoid or need to be tackled at a young age, can be treated. Things like abandonment issues, uncontrolled anger or obsessive compulsive behaviours are looked out for.

Now that you’re an adult, how can you best write to explore your own thoughts and learn more about yourself? Writing a novel is a superb way to find out more about yourself and help to put all your thoughts out into the real world. The hurricane of thoughts we have in our minds left unchecked and allowed to be formulated can lead to certain traits in your character that you don’t want building up. The characters you create and the journey they go on shows a lot about how your mind thinks but crucially, what you really believe in. Parts of your life are revealed in the writing that maybe even you didn’t fully comprehend. It isn’t just creative genius that is being tested in your mind, but the inner secrets and core beliefs that you hold. These make up who you are, so when you finish a novel, you’ll learn a tremendous amount about yourself. When you can understand your own mind better, you know what you want in life and not just who you are but why you are the way you are.

Running with your mind

There are some people on this earth, that can be alone with their thoughts and never get bored. It’s an incredibly skill and sometimes annoying thing to possess. You don’t need anyone’s company to be entertained and you also don’t feel lonely being by yourself. Your mind is running a mile a minute for most of the time, and you can still function making you a very rare kind of person. You can still function throughout the day just like a normal person but in the back of your mind you’re always multitasking. It’s like an endless stream of thoughts one after the other that you focus on for a while and then change focus onto something else. It’s not that you lose attention to what you’re doing such as work and running errands, it’s just that your mind is constantly running all the time at a very high rate of activity.

To calm down yourself down you might need some additional help. Don’t drift into something like alcohol to calm you down and relax your body. Instead you can buy weed online in multiple different flavors and strengths. The packs are on average around $2.50, far cheaper than a bottle of beer or a bottle of wine. Some packs that are premium quality can be worth up to $20.00 but you also get a larger amount and the bet is that this would still be cheaper than buying alcohol that would last as long. It is a drug however and you shouldn’t abuse it, take it in moderation purely when you feel like you need to. It’s great for getting to sleep when your mind just won’t slow down or shut off. You only need a little bit as the smoke is instantaneous and soothes your nerves. Any aches and pains can also be deadened and you can unwind better at the end of the day. During the day your many thoughts can come in useful for your career or just in general but when it comes to relaxing and or sleeping, having a mind that races around is not very healthy.

Make time for yourself

Don’t allow yourself to bottle things up and wait to explode in a fit of anxiety. Clearing your mind can be done in a number of ways but first you have to make time for this. It’s not something that can be done in just a few minutes, you need to make time for any kind of activity you do that would help you. Fix a time slot for each day and use it calm your mind and formulate your thoughts.

There is no secret to clearing the mind, just an avid wish to put your thoughts down onto paper in some form. Writing a novel with complex characters and plotlines will help you to understand yourself more and be more confident being who you truly are. Sometimes you need a helping hand and although alcohol is sometimes nice it’s more harmful than marijuana.