Stepping Out of the Fear Zone

I originally drafted this post as a script for my upcoming YouTube video, but ended up feeling like writing about it instead. It’s been a while since I wrote a journal entry about my career/girlboss journey, and there’s something magical about writing that brings out different insights sometimes.

If you follow me on my social media, you might have known that I started a new socks business called Life Doesn’t Sock about a month ago. I wanted to start something small online as the initial cost is low and I get to learn all the different skills I’d been keen to learn. I tied it with my passion in advocating mental health and building a positive space in the internet, creating a brand that brings bright and positive vibes to my customers, a pair of cute socks at a time.

When I first got inspired, I was so excited that I managed to come up with the logo, the branding idea, the color scheme, source the products, and set up the entire shop in one week’s time. I was so passionate and enthusiastic about it all… until I had to actually operate the business and start optimizing for profits.

The Fear of the Uncomfortableness

I knew before starting the business that I would have to dive into Facebook Ads, something that I had no experience with, if I want to promote my shop and products. Heck, I was telling my friends that the money that I’d be spending even if I failed, would be like a tuition fees to learn. Yet, when the time finally came, I froze. There was this irrational fear stopping me from doing all that.

I ended up spending 2 to 3 weeks not doing much for my business. I wasn’t getting into the ads, I wasn’t really promoting much except for posting content and engaging on Instagram – which, any experienced business person would know, doesn’t convert much sales in the initial stage. But that’s all I did. I told myself that “I’m taking things slow,” “I’m really busy at my day job,’ “I’m sick”… which are all true, but deep inside I knew that I was avoiding that uncomfortableness of doing what I wasn’t familiar with.

During this period of avoidance, I wasn’t feeling good about being a chicken either. I may be avoiding that scary stuff, but I also felt like a loser who started something and gave up so quickly. So I told myself, “Nothing is going to change unless you do something about it.” 

Small Steps Out of the Fear Zone

I started taking small steps to get out of the rut. Lifestyle wise, I decided to stop snoozing in the morning to make more time for myself. I used the extra time that I earned to do things that I had been procrastinating a lot recently – to clean up my space. It may not relate directly to improving my business revenue, but it definitely helped with improving my mood to work harder and be a badass #GIRLBOSS. 

Business wise, I pushed myself to read the article that my friend sent to help me get started with Facebook Ads. It doesn’t seem that hard after all. Now, all I need is to really get hands on with the stuff.

Besides that, I also listed down things that has to be done for my business. I noticed through this period of self reflection that part of the reason that I got into this rut was because I didn’t have a “work partner.” Besides keeping me accountable, it’s also great to have someone to just hear me talk about my business and give some opinions about it. So, I took my independent pants off and told my boyfriend that I need help, even if it’s just talking to me about my socks business. 

While I may have not done anything to impact my business operations yet, I am feeling so much better and more confident that I will take a better approach as a #GIRLBOSS now. I am stepping out of my fear zone and facing the uncomfortableness. I am fighting for my dream, it’s now or never!