5 Reasons Why You Should Read Everyday

When did you last read a book? Magazines, social media notifications and the occasional news item don’t count! Everyone reads some kind of written word everyday in some form or another, but the instantaneous nature of facebook posts and texts don’t go into any depth and don’t have the same beneficial effects of curling up with an unputdownable novel. Apart from the pleasure you receive from enjoying a good book there are other surprising health benefits too. So, dust off your library card and borrow a handful of novels today!

If you are not in the habit of reading regularly you are missing out on so many benefits, some of which are listed below.

Lower stress levels

Losing yourself in a totally absorbing book is excellent for lowering stress levels. Reading is a form of escapism as you are literally transported into a different world, well away from the stresses and strains of daily life. Depending on the type of book you are reading you may end up reading about the main characters stresses and strains, but at least they won’t be yours! Research has shown that relaxing by reading a good back at the end of a busy day is the best way of winding down. Many people choose to read before bed and this is a much better option than checking out social media accounts on screens.

Maintains brain function

Keeping the brain stimulated by reading has been proven to slow down the onset of dementia and alzheimers. The saying “use it, or lose it” is true when it comes to the brain. A bit like a muscle it responds in a favourable way to being used and exercised.

Increases vocabulary

The more words you read, the more words you will bring into everyday conversation. Having a rich vocabulary is helpful in all aspects of life ranging from a meeting at work to discussing your child’s progress with a class teacher. A high level of vocabulary portrays intelligence and you will at least sound like you know what you’re talking about. The Effortless English blog teaches everything about speaking English via podcasts and articles which will further enhance your vocabulary.

Reading can improve memory

Reading involves interpreting the written word into memories and scenarios, reading also requires a certain amount of concentration. AS you progress through a novel you need to retain memories of what has happened earlier in the story, this sharpens the mind.

Increased writing skills

A regular reading habit can help with the composition of articles, letters and stories. Students of English Literature are encouraged to read a lot and to consider reading books from the same author of studied literature. Regular reading enables you to know how sentences are constructed and how text needs to flow in order to be understood.

There are so many reasons to read and most of all it is fun! Reading allows you to discover new worlds, new lives and go to places you may never visit in real life. Your local library offers the opportunity to discover new books in abundance. You could research recommended books in your genre of choice.


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