Rainy Day Exercise Essentials You Should Invest In

As much as I love to exercise outdoors, sometimes the weather makes it impossible. Does anyone remember few weeks ago when it couldn’t stop pouring every single day? I was so bumped! No matter how dedicated you are to your exercise regime, it is very unlikely that you’re going to sign up to being soaked or slipping on ice just so you can work out (dangerously).

So, when the weather is being difficult, the next best option is to bring your exercise regime indoors. If you are used to working out outdoors, you might find it restrictive, and perhaps even a little dull.

How do people who normally work out indoors cope?

The answer to this question is simple: people who work out indoors have modified their routines and invested in a number of products to ensure they still find their workouts stimulating. It’s just like how someone who loves trail running would invest in not just a pair of good shoes, but also smartphone armband and waterproof earphones to keep their runs enjoyable. 

Not having indoor work out essentials may have been the reason you find working out indoors unenjoyable. While you may not intend to work out indoors all the time, bad weather days will happen and you still have to find a way to work out consistently to maintain your fitness momentum. That’s why I think it’s worth to invest in a few small, affordable items that can help to make working out indoors a fun routine rather than a chore.

#1 – A yoga mat

This is a great piece of equipment to have in your house even if you don’t do yoga. These mats are supportive and comfortable, which makes them an essential for stretching before or after your workout. Whatever workout or sports you do, stretching is so important. Some times, I would even sit on my mat to stretch and warm up my body before starting my day!

#2 – Great earphones

If you are working out indoors, you’re going to need to shut off all distractions. It is especially more difficult if you don’t have the house all to yourself. Focus your mind by ensuring you have a dedicated pair of sport Bluetooth headphones for your next workout. These help to cancel out noise from the rest of the house, and also signal to your family members or housemates that you’re not to be disturbed. I mean, you can also use these for your outdoor workouts when the weather finally decides to clear up!

#3 – Resistance bands

Resistance bands are the easiest and most accessible form of home gym equipment. They don’t cost the earth, but are still able to enhance your indoor workout regime. They are also perfect if you have limited space available. If you’re concerned that you might run out of things to do with your resistance bands, don’t be: there’s countless workouts for you to try. Here’s some really great ones!

So what I’m trying to say is

Working out indoors can be fun and exciting if you choose to make it that way. These 3 items are definitely a great start for those of you who don’t know where to start. Who knows, you might even enjoy it so much you choose to work out indoors in the future!