Post GE14 Thoughts

Ah, it’s the morning after election and I’m feeling a million kinds of joy in me right now. Is that even a real feeling – a million kinds of joy? Whatever, I’m just so happy and I don’t know how to describe this restless happy feeling in me.

For the first time since our independence 60+ years ago, Malaysia has gotten a new political party to rule the country. For the first time since I grew up and knew about the power of election and how we, as Malaysians, actually have a say in choosing who rules the country and runs it, people actually came out to vote and volunteer and help and made a difference – a huge one.

Yes, I said people instead of we, because I actually did not vote. As someone who didn’t care much about politics, and it’s because I just didn’t like to hear all the corrupted or accusations stories that often appear on my newsfeed, I didn’t bother to register last time and missed out on the registration deadline. Thus, missing my voting right in GE14.

Yet, as the election came closer and friends and family around me were taking action and booking flights to go home just to cast that vote, I felt bad. I felt guilty that I didn’t play my part as a Malaysian to even contribute. So I decided to attend a PACA Training session and ended up acting as a Polling Agent on election day. My task was tricky but simple – to ensure that the SPR officer and the clerks all did their jobs right, and that there’re no acts of fraud. I was literally striking names out of the booklet (like playing bingo) when the clerk was reading out names. That’s it.

Candid photo of me during my shift. People were taking photos of the box with mixed ballots inside because it was so confusing, and they were worried that the votes would end up being invalid. It didn’t okay?

I was fortunate that my SPR officer and clerks and the other Polling Agent were all really nice and cooperative. Of course, while sitting at my candidate’s booth after the shift, the other agents were super nice and friendly too. I may not have voted, but I really felt so involved in this election. 

As the night came and results started kicking in, news of uncooperative SPR officers started circulating the internet. People were spreading videos, voice recordings and text messages about different updates from all over Malaysia. It’s nerve-racking and worrying and honestly, scaring – that a national riot might happen again like when it happened before in 1969. 

I fell asleep waiting for the results at around 1.00AM when the opposition was slowly leading the votes, and I woke up to the best news. 

Photo with Elizabeth Wong, the candidate for Bukit Lanjan where I was stationed at.

As I’m typing this blog post now, the handover is still not happening and lots of speculations are still being spread around. But I think for me, it’s enough for me to be grateful now. I’m not so thrilled about the “change” that will happen in Malaysia. Because after all, it’s the first new government that will be ruling Malaysia since its independence. They have a great manifesto, but we won’t know the results till it really happens right?

What I’m proud of, and am extremely thrilled about, is the fact the people of Malaysia did not give up, came out to vote or volunteer, and tried their best to make a change. As a result? We did it. We fucking did it. We made sure in as much power as we can, that we had a clean and fair election. You, my fellow Malaysian friends, you gave me the hope that I can make a change in the next election after I’ve signed up to vote.

Congratulations Malaysia, the sun has never shone brighter in my motherland. (Seriously though, I’m in spaghetti straps and super short shorts and sitting under the fan and I’m still sweating. LOL) 

xx Wendy

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Featured Photo by bady qb on Unsplash