Five Unusual Career Options for Creative People

I’m a creative soul and having a full time office job scares me. The idea of a 9 to 5 makes me feel as if I’m trapped. Yet, because I’m a content marketer, I get to make good use of my creative mind at work and not feel as if I’m doing serious work (unless my boss is nagging about KPIs). If you are fed up with your current job more often than usual, and feel like you need a change, you must know that it is never too late to change. You can learn new skills and get a more challenging job that will fulfill your need for creativity. Whether you already have a degree and experience to build on, or are starting from nothing, you should check out the below list of career options for creative people!

Photo Stylist

If you know how to look great on your selfies, and your friends always come to you for advice on clothes, hair, and makeup, you might want to enroll for a photo stylist course that will land you with freelance contracts or a permanent job. If you have an eye for beauty and details, becoming a photo stylist is a perfect choice. You can expect a variety of tasks, and great company all the time.

Gourmet Chef

Foodies who love holding dinner parties and impressing their friends, a gourmet chef course is the perfect choice. You can complete your college training and experience in a few years. Don’t worry if you are in a completely different field at the moment, and becoming a chef will be a huge lifestyle change. You can soon start inventing your own dishes and impressing more people than you have ever imagined.

Interior Designer

If your current job bores you, and you are looking to put your creative skills to good use, you can also become a freelance interior designer, or enroll for a course at your local college. You will no longer be tied to the office, or have to listen to your bosses discussing figures, killing your creativity. You can get an excellent salary, more freedom, and great respect from your clients.

Art Therapist

Those currently working in health care and are fed up with paperwork can train to be an art therapist. If you are still paying for your previous nursing degree, you might want to check out to see how you can get more funding for your new course and career. Art therapists help patients as much as nurses do, and they can develop a deeper understanding of individuals’ issues through art.

Graphic Designer

Working on the computer for years might make you a guru in the world of numbers, but what if you are looking for a more creative way of using technology? There are several online graphic designer courses available, and you can set up your own agency or go freelance. No matter if you opt for a job as a graphic designer or work from home, you will get a higher level of satisfaction out of this career than working with numbers and data.

Whether you are stuck in a boring, dead-end job, or would like to get more buzz out of your career, there is a perfect role out there for you to discover. Use your creativity to enhance your career and income, and get more out of your life! ❤


Featured photo by RhondaK Native Florida Folk Artist

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