I don’t have any travel plan this year, and it’s okay…

As I was going through Instagram and looking at my friends’ traveling posts today, I had a sudden realization that I don’t have any travel plan this year. I hesitated for a bit, thought back about my 2018 new year’s resolution, and confirmed that it doesn’t exist and it doesn’t have to exist.

It’s weird because it’s the first time in 6 years that I had no travel plans at all. Unlike the undergraduate who just started feeling like an adult and felt the need to see the world, I’ve had some amazing travel experiences since then and so it’s no longer my priority. This year, my priority and my promise to myself is to focus on my career and to really get serious with my financial plans. It sounds so boring I know, but it is important for someone like me who doesn’t grow up rich but is planning to lead an independent and comfortable life in the future. 

I’m not going to lie that a part of me felt a little upset by the thought of not posting any cool travel stuff on my Instagram this year. It just feels like a life not travelling is a life not “hip” or “cool” enough. I know, this is definitely not true but it’s a result of the social sharing phenomenon. Everyone is sharing about the highlight of their lives when they are able to travel to different parts of the world, and because of how common it has become, it begins to appear as if travel is a need and not a luxury.

I reminded myself that I am living for myself and not the eyes of others. I don’t need to prove to others that I’m “cool” because I get to travel more often. As long as I work hard for what I WANT and achieve them, the satisfaction and pride that comes with it will definitely be worth it. For me, travel can wait. It is a luxury that don’t need to be rushed, and can definitely wait till I’m done achieving these goals that I’ve set for myself. I think the travel that comes after the hard work of sacrificing will be even sweeter than before.

That being said, I’m not saying that I’m not stepping foot out of the country at all. I would definitely hop on the plane if I win a giveaway, win a sweepstake, pick up an air ticket on the ground of my office, found a sugar daddy, or hit a point when I’m really emotionally drained and needed a getaway (to the point where I don’t mind compromising my savings). I mean, how can you say no to that, right? 

xx Wendy