Why Calgary Needs to Be Your Next Canadian City Choice

I know what you’re thinking…  Wendy, I thought you just mentioned that you’re not going to be traveling this year, how are you producing travel related content now? Calm down honey, I have someone contributed the article instead. I’m trying my best to provide all sorts of content for you, so that also means that sometimes I’ll have to outsource for help. Here’s one on why you should pick Calgary for your next Canadian city choice, enjoy!

There are many amazing cities in Canada, from Toronto to Montreal. America’s more polite cousin is a fantastic place to travel, with both welcoming cities and awe-inspiring natural spots. If you want to visit, you have a choice of great cities that offer you different experiences. Your first thought might be the capital Ottawa, the largest city Toronto, or maybe a bit of French-Canadian flavour in Quebec City. But before you choose any of those, don’t discount the wonderful city of Calgary in Alberta. The diverse and vibrant city is a great choice for a weekend trip or a longer visit, with lots to do in and around it. But why choose it over other Canadian cities?

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Food and Drinks

If you’re going to visit any city, it’s always worth checking out what there is to eat and drink. Some people can spend their whole vacation sampling the local restaurants and bars. Calgary is a multicultural city, which is always good news when it comes to having a fantastic choice of cuisines to select from. You’ll find fried chicken at Cluck N Cleaver, modern Korean food at Anju, and delicious tacos at Native Tongues Taqueria. If you’re just looking for a drink, there are plenty of options for pubs and bars too – including several Irish pubs, of course.


Not everyone enjoys shopping when they travel, but for those who do like it, you need to find something that will keep you occupied. If the shopping is just like it is back home, it’s hardly worth bothering. Calgary offers up some interesting shopping experiences, from the Core shopping center, where you can find the sprawling tropical Devonian Gardens to CrossIron Mills, 20 minutes from downtown Calgary and boasting more than 200 stores. You can also choose to stay at Courtyard Calgary South in Seton, an urban district in the south of Calgary. It has three distinct areas for shopping – the Regional Retail District, Design District, and Market Street.

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Perhaps something you might not expect to find in and around Calgary is dinosaurs. The town of Drumheller, 68 miles from Calgary, is known as the dinosaur capital of the world. Dinosaur fossils have been found across the Alberta badlands, making it a natural history lover’s paradise. The city of Calgary itself has plenty of dinosaur-related attractions too, including a dinosaur exhibit at Calgary Zoo.

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Natural Wonders Nearby

Cities are fun, giving you lots of things to do, but sometimes you want to experience nature too. Calgary is in the perfect location to do that. You can explore the badlands or perhaps take a trip to Banff National Park, which is a popular place for skiing and snowboarding during the winter. Prince’s Island Park is worth a visit, and there’s a cafe you can stop at if you get peckish too. Yoho National Park is a fantastic option for a day trip too, where you can see the Takakkaw Falls.

Other Canadian cities might offer their attractions, but Calgary has its own unique offerings. Choose it for your next trip for an unforgettable vacation!