4 Unmistakable Signs Traveling Was The Greatest Experience Ever

Disclaimer: This is a contributed article.


“It’s so good to have you back! Did you enjoy the trip?”

It’s a question returning travelers get every time they land in their home country. But, if you are a nomad, you will know it’s one that is almost impossible to answer. The fact is that you had a great time. Indeed, it might have been the best experience of your life. Still, it’s difficult to put the thoughts and feelings into words. For some reason, “unbelievable” or “fantastic” just don’t sum up a life-changing couple of months in the sun.

Fear not though people because there are always revealing reminders, and here is a small selection.

A Tattoo

God, why on earth did that happen? No one knows how to answer that question: they just wake up in the morning with a groggy head and ink on their body. Even though the initial couple of hours are horrifying, unwanted tattoos start to fade into the background. If you’re lucky, it’s because it’s a lollipop sticker, but if you’re unfortunate, it’s the real deal. Still, going the under laser when you get home doesn’t feel right for some reason, so it stays as a memento of the days you learned to let go.


Facebook Friends

People use the term derogatorily because it denotes the social media culture in which people live today. It’s like humans don’t even meet face to face anymore thanks to technology. To travelers, it’s a completely different thing. Obviously, you have encountered these people face to face and may have spent time together traveling around a foreign continent. Therefore, these “Facebook friends” serve as a memory jog and take you back to a simpler, less stressful time. Plus, travelers can reach out at any time without warning and slip back into a relationship at the drop of a hat.

A Friend For Life

Increased activity on social media means you have met a lot of people, but some individuals will stick with you for life. Yes, you and your BFF always said you would be together forever, and that is still the case. However, travelers learn to make room for multiple best friends along the way; such is the bond while exploring the globe. Every drifter has a buddy that they have known for a short time yet it feels like they went to kindergarten together. People come and go, but these guys and girls stay for life.


Future Plans

How do you know you have had an amazing time? Well, it’s if you get back home and can’t wait to go again. Sure, seeing friends and family is great, especially when you have been away for months. But, you won’t be able to get the next trip out of your head once the honeymoon period ends. In fact, traveling will take over your life. Do you know that person you met who you liked? Sorry, but he or she won’t be enough to appease your itchy feet.

When words aren’t enough, these signs will fill in the gaps.