Zee Avi – Honey Bee Ukulele Cover

Remember a few weeks ago I shared a playlist of some of my favourite Malaysian songs? Ever since I created that playlist, I’ve been singing Honey Bee by hands down, my favourite Malaysian singer Zee Avi. It’s a catchy and cute song, and it has a really beautiful melody to it. I hope you enjoy this cover of mine; there’s no way I can be as good as Zee Avi but I had a lot of fun recording it. And guess what, I managed to shoot this cover in just one take albeit a little distraction. Hooray!

Oh, and did you like my new hairstyle too? It’s been a few days since I got my perm and I’m finally getting used to it. I feel awkward having so much volume in my head but I think it looks good on me. What do you think?

xx Wendy