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2017 Fall Essentials

Fall is a mellow time. It’s the start of something new after a long summer break, yet the leaves are falling and daylight shorter, as if the universe is saying, “Imma take away all of the bright energy on planet earth and make it impossible for you to stay productive and achieve your goals!” Like seriously, it’s the time of the year where you have to be at top performance, yet everything around you is telling you not to be. Here are some of my fall essentials that helped me get through the season in the laziest, yet most fashionable way:

Fall Essentials


1. A really comfy stole/blanket scarf

to be my outerwear when I’m traveling and my blanket when I’m working 

2. A good pair of glasses

Who has time for contact lenses when you have to wake up before the sun rises? 

3. A cute pair of booties

Trust me, wear your ugliest sweater and a pair of booties will still make you miraculously stylish

4. A waterproof leather tote

To dump all your junks out so you don’t need to plan ahead

5. Hot tea and scented candles

Because they make everything better

There you go, my fall essentials that can help you be effortlessly chic too. You got this babe, you got this. xx Wendy

Featured photo by Alisa Anton

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