VIVIENFANG Sunglasses Review

I love sunglasses. They are the perfect statement accessories for someone like me, who preaches the #GIRLBOSS life, travels around tropical countries a lot, and is too lazy to wear make up and dress up every day. I love edgy and bold-looking sunglasses that can cover my eye bags and protect my eyes from the harmful UV ray. So when my friend Alex told me about VIVIENFANG, a sunglasses brand that both he and his girlfriend are selling on Amazon, I was excited about it.


VIVIENFANG is a manufacturer and exporter that supply for brands like Quay, Mango, Zara, ALDO and Steve Madden. They recently decided to create their own label and supply high-quality sunglasses from its workshop to customers, with no intermediaries. Currently, VIVIENFANG sunglasses are sold exclusively on Amazon USA, Amazon CA, Amazon UK and Amazon Germany. As for who exactly is Vivien Fang? She’s the founder of the brand, Alex’s girlfriend’s mum duh ?


From top: VIVIENFANG Oversize Polarized Cateye Sunglasses with Matte Black Frame/Blue Mirror Lens, VIVIENFANG Elegant Tortoise Oversized Polarize Sunglasses Brown Tortoise Frame/Rose Gold Mirror Lens, VIVIENFANG Full Metal Revo Mirror Lens Cat Eye Sunglasses Polarized with Pink Frame/Pink Mirror Lens

To be honest, when I first heard of this brand and tried googling about them, I found little to no information. The website is classy looking and simple, Facebook page hasn’t been updated for a long time, and its Instagram account is alright. But because it’s my friend’s brand and I used to buy sunglasses from the big brands that they supply to, I know how the quality of the products can be like. After all, the reviews on Amazon looks good too. So I said yes to reviewing the product and picked a few sunglasses that I could style with. I received the products in about one week’s time. 


All VIVIENFANG sunglasses come with a durable case, microfiber cleaning cloth, a polarized test card, and a mini keychain with both slot and cross screw drivers for your sunglasses. The lenses are wrapped in a layer of plastic and the sunglasses in a Ziploc bag to prevent scratches. I’m sure with this packaging, your sunglasses will come unharmed even if your courier guy is the world’s most clumsy person.



At first thought – wow these sunglasses are pretty legit! The build is sturdy and does not give me that “dang, these are cheap sunglasses” impression. With the test card provided, I could tell that all of the sunglasses that I got (with the exception of the clear lens one) are polarized. Based on my experience in taking them with me everywhere in the past few days, I can also proudly say that the added coating for anti-scratch claim is true. 

What I like the most about these glasses is that they all come with soft silicone nose pads, which is crucial for Asians with flatter nose like me. I learned this the hard way last time when I would get grease or foundation stains from my cheeks on my glasses without nose pads. #AsianStruggles


As the sunglasses are only available online, it makes it harder for me to shop for new styles that would fit my face. All I could do was to look at the size measurements and imagine how it’ll look on me. I mean, I could be really dedicated and try photoshopping them onto my face, but we all know I’m too lazy for that. I ended up playing safe and got the cat eyes, which I knew would look fine on me, instead of trying out the new styles that I was interested in. 


Here are some photos I shot with the sunglasses I received. You can click on the links for more info and colour options for each design. 

vivienfang eyewear

VIVIENFANG Oversize Polarized Cateye Sunglasses in Matte Black Frame/Blue Mirror Lens$52.88 $26.88 

VIVIENFANG Elegant Square Frame Oversize Polarized Sunglasses in Brown Tortoise Frame/Rose Gold Mirror Lens, $56.88 $26.88 

VIVIENFANG Full Metal Revo Cat Eye Polarized Sunglasses in Pink Frame/Pink Mirror Lens, $52.88 $26.88

VIVIENFANG LOVE PUNCH Flat Lens Cateye Sunglasses in Gold Frame and Clear Lens, $48.88 $24.88

I was probably most excited to receive the one with clear lens and gold frame, the “not really polarized sunglasses” sunglasses because I’ve seen a lot of Instagrammers and models wearing them and had been wanting to try them out myself. I received so many compliments when I posted stories on my Instagram a few days ago; a random stranger even complimented them in person! 

I’m pretty surprised that I like all of the sunglasses that I received. As you can see in the photos above, they don’t look bad on me, right? And there I was worrying that they wouldn’t fit me, I guess I should be more adventurous next time!


Yes. If you are looking for a pair of affordable stylish sunglasses, look no further. I’m not saying this because it’s my friend’s brand (okay, maybe a little) or they paid me to say so (they didn’t, they only sent me free sunglasses for honest review), but because I know that it’s a new brand with less exposure but lots of potential. I look forward for more pretty edgy sunglasses from them! 

Disclaimer: All sunglasses are sponsored by VIVIENFANG but I was not paid to do this review. All reviews and opinions are honest and my own. This blog post also contain affiliate links in which I may earn a small commission if you purchase through them. Your purchase will help support my passion in blogging, fashion, and honest reviews in supporting small brands and businesses.