Don’t Stress, Rest, Take A Breath

Yesterday was a lazy Sunday. I woke up to the noise of raindrops beating on my rooftop and decided to stay bundled up and sleep in. When I finally decided to wake up, I went for brunch with my 14-year old niece and took a slow drive home. I said no to a last minute lunch with my extended family and came home to rest and relax. 

Days like that are simple, yet hard to come by. Ever since I decided to stop hunting for a full time job and start freelancing, I had been really busy juggling between different gigs. In the past two weeks, I’d been travelling around and staying up so much that I hadn’t rested or worked out properly. It’s stressful and tiring, but I kinda like it that way. 

I scheduled for a rest day yesterday (not full day since I had a henna gig at night) and not care about my to-do list or all the other jobs that I had. I lit up my new candle (soy candle hand poured by my very own friend, Geraldine from @milknhoneypins), wrote a new journal entry, and listened to some of my favourite acoustic covers and folk songs. The rain that came in the morning just made my lazy Sunday even lazier. 

Here’e a reminder for all you Type A people like me, who enjoys staying productive and getting shit tonnes of work done, to remember to schedule your rest time. Make time for meditation or entertainment, allow yourself to be lazy and not do anything. While the tough superhero in you may be capable of everything, let it take a break and self repair from time to time. Even Sebastian Vettel’s Ferrari needs fine tuning before each race, even Beyoncé needs a mental health break, don’t tell me you don’t need any maintenance. 

Here’s a cover of Iron & Wine’s Such Great Height by my friend Cecelia. It’s my kinda music for my lazy days. Till then!  xx Wendy