Thank You, 2016!

Hello! If you’re here because you watched my recap video, welcome and please skip to the next paragraph now. If you’re here before you watched the video, kindly click play on the video above before you read the rest of this blog post! ?

As I mentioned in my recap video for 2016, the year had been a special one for me, mainly because it was the year that I finished a chapter of my life journey and started another one. I started off the year being really worried and stressed about the uncertainties that came with graduation, I was unsure of where I wanted to be or what I wanted to do. After I moved back to Malaysia, I had trouble adjusting back to living in the Malaysian culture and was confused about my identity. When I moved out to live on my own and started working, I was freaked out by the changes that are happening to my lifestyle and started questioning my purpose in life.

Throughout the year, I was experiencing a lot of doubt and fear and confusion, which made me feel as if 2016 was such a bad one for me. But when the year really ended yesterday, as I read through my journal entries and scrolled through my Instagram feed and edited the recap video, I realized that so many awesome stuff happened and most importantly, I managed to survive 2016 with lots of hope and courage, which was my main New Year’s Resolution for the year. I am proud to have sailed through the waves despite of my lack of confidence in my navigating and sailing skills.

Here’s the complete list of the highlights of my year:

  • Did the Polar Bear Plunge on New Year’s Day
  • Celebrated my 23rd birthday with my loved ones dancing to Pierce Fulton live ?
  • Participated in the No Pants Skytrain Ride on my Birthday 
  • Tried rock climbing for the first time
  • Got an awesome part time job at Tangoo and had lots and lots of awesome food and beer, and of course, valuable work experience
  • Got invited to various launch events because of this blog, Living Vazzy
  • Attended Vancouver Fashion Week 2016 and finally saw Lesley Hampton‘s collection live! 🙂
  • Travelled to Whistler and had an awesome time with the #TangooTribe
  • Organized a bunny yoga session with Sauder HEWE (bunny what?!)
  • Organized a hackathon for the first time with Bizhacks
  • Switched from using tampons to menstrual cup (Yay to saving the environment! ?)
  • Saw Ilan Bluestone, Jason Ross and Andrew Bayer live and had a little too much fun that night ? 
  • Rented a Mini Cooper and drove my girl friends to Abbotsford Tulip Festival
  • Attended my first #instameet and met some of the most talented IG content creators 
  • Saw Pentatonix and Us the Duo live 
  • Completed a 30-day yoga challenge ?
  • Completed my first half marathon ?
  • Went on a mini road trip with my beloved #VanFam and almost slid down from Cleveland Dam (JK)
  • Travelled to China and witnessed my sister’s ROM ??
  • Saw a panda for the first time in my life! ?
  • Saw my family again for the first time in 2 years and brought them around Vancouver :’)
  • Hiked up to Joffre Lakes with my family
  • Moved back to Malaysia ??
  • Started my first full time job working as a Content Marketer at HappyFresh
  • Met new friends and explored new stuff in KL (with lots and lots of FOOD)
  • Started meditating 
  • Dressed up as a bag of jellybeans on Halloween
  • Travelled to Jakarta with Team HappyFresh ??
  • Celebrated Living Vazzy’s 8th Anniversary and did a Giveaway
  • Gave my first talk as a “motivational speaker” in a high school students camp
  • Celebrated Christmas with my family again after 4 years of being abroad 
  • Went to Melaka and fed turtles in an aquarium ?
  • Celebrated New Year’s Eve with the random-est combination of my high school friends and welcomed 2017 with lots of hope and positivity ?

I know, it’s a pretty awesome list right? While I know that it’s harder for me to live up to it now that I am working and don’t have the flexibility to get out there so easily anymore (by choice, my priority now is to build my career), I am grateful to have been blessed with such an awesome uni/pre-working life. I have a good feeling about 2017, and I’m looking forward to what it has in store for me.