Hello October

Ah, and here we are, at the final quarter of the year, wondering where have all the time gone. Didn’t we just celebrate New Year’s yesterday? 

I used to have a habit of going through my new year’s resolutions every month to remind myself about my goals. But this time around I had been slacking a bit, mainly because I was too distracted by the new lifestyle that I have. Moving back to Malaysia, getting a job, adapting to work and new environment… they get pretty taxing. My days get by really fast, and I fall asleep without having much time to myself to write or reflect. It had been a while since I picked up my journal, and when I finally did this weekend, it felt comforting.

It felt comforting to know that I had made it through the past 9 months with hope and courage, the two words that I gave myself at the start of this year to guide me through life. This past 2 months, in the midst of adapting to work and my new lifestyle, I was stressing out a lot about being lost in life. I wasn’t sure if what I am doing is what I want to do, and if I am going in the right direction. A lot of questions were being asked, and I couldn’t find the right answers. It was frustrating, you bet. But I also knew that confusion was bound to happen during the transitional period to a new chapter in my life, so I had been taking things slow with myself. Instead of blaming myself for being negative or ungrateful with what I have, I took it as an opportunity for myself to explore. These questions will only lead me to find out more about who I am, what I like and what I want. Right?

As I looked into my previous journal entries, I realized that there were so many things that happened in 2016 already. I ran my first half-marathon, completed a 30-day yoga challenge, travelled to China, graduated from university, got a job and moved to KL; it had been a fruitful journey despite how bumpy it was along the way, and I had gone through all of them courageously (okay, maybe with some a lot of tears along the way ?). But yea, I am proud of how far I’ve come and I am here to celebrate my victory today. After a few months of slow cruising in my comfort zone, I am ready to step up my pace and sprint through this final quarter of the year. 

Today, I am listing down all the things that I want to achieve and changes that I want to see in the next 3 months. I am going to hustle through my life and goals, and end 2016 with a bang. I guess a part of me just miss the very motivated side of me, and I’m going to make that change today. I’ll keep you updated with my progress through my blog and social media channels (have you followed me on Instagram or liked my Facebook page yet?). Talk to you soon! ? 

Oops, and here you go, my playlist of the month, of beautiful mornings and scent of pancakes ?




[ Featured image  by Matt Duncan ]