On Being Home Again

After graduating from university, instead of travelling around the world or getting a job right away, I decided to spend time with my family back in my hometown to catch up with the life that I have missed in the past four years. I wanted to focus on my role as a daughter, a sister, an aunt and a granddaughter before I transition into work life, especially since I know that I will not be pursuing a career in my hometown where there is nothing much to offer in terms of professional growth and opportunities. I wanted to be with the people that brought me to life, raised me and loved me to bits and pieces, share the same blood and personality and passion in durian as me before I started focusing on my career and personal life goals again. 

It feels good to be home. It feels good to be sleeping on my childhood bed and eating my Mama’s home-cooked food. I get to have breakfast with my parents every morning, and I get to have dinner with my sister and nieces every evening. I also get to cut some slack in household chores because Mama loves doing laundry for all of us (actually, that’s the real reason I came home, and no, Mama nags a lot about doing the chores but she still does them anyways ?). Visiting my grandmama, chatting with my aunt, bumping into friends that I hadn’t seen in years in my favourite local hawkers, are all the sweet stuff that I get from coming home. 

Besides that, I also revisited a lot of my childhood memories as I drove around town and decluttered my bedroom while I was free. I managed to donate about four bags of clothes and two to three bags of random things like room decor, key chains and notebooks. While it felt cathartic to create so much space in my room, it wasn’t an easy process as I kept being distracted by old photos, notes and diaries. Those memories made me so nostalgic that I was motivated to revisit the places I used to go as a child. The featured photo above was taken right in front of the house that I grew up in. It is where I used to walk in my bathing suit to my cousin’s house few doors away, cycle for the first time and race with my neighbours, and fly kites made by my Papa using bamboo sticks found from the tiny forest nearby. I know, I am blessed to have such an awesome childhood. ?


  1. Yes, I look like a fireball when I was a baby. My hair never sit still on my head.
  2. Look at how cute my sisters and I were in bathing suit! And, I have always opted for two-piece swim suits no matter how fat my tummy was since I was young.
  3. Can we take a moment to admire how young my mum was and how handsome my dad was in the first photo? Yes. Amen to beautiful parents.

While being home again is fun and cosy, it wasn’t exactly an easy transition for me. In the past few years, I had been trying to be independent, self-sufficient, and able to live on my own without having to trouble my parents. I have gotten used to the solitary life, and my success in doing so has become a huge part of my self-affirmation as a grownup. But as I come home, the life that I have become accustomed to is compromised. I have to plan my schedule around my nieces’ schedule, sacrifice my healthy eating habits to match other family members’ preferences, and deal with a mum who calls home more than 5 times a day because she’s worried about the everyday life of her daughters and nieces while she’s bored at work. I had forgotten about how it’s like to tolerate and compromise for my loved ones while I was busy “growing up” and “being an adult” in Canada, and coming home has been all about it again.

Next month, I will be starting a new chapter of my life working as a content marketer in Kuala Lumpur. While I am grateful to get a job within a month after graduation, and excited for what’s lying ahead for me, I know that I am going to miss all of this again. A month worth of family time was just what I needed to fuel up before I start my grind as a goal chasing machine. I love my family to bits and pieces, and I am forever grateful for their love and presence.


It’s been a long time since we last had a complete family photo ♥️

P/s: Sorry for being so cheesy in public, I just felt a huge need to declare my love for my family on my blog today.