Whistler 2-day Trip

During the winter break,  my girl friends and I decided to head up to Whistler for a short getaway.  None of us ski or snowboard, we just wanted to immerse ourselves in the snowy white mountains and have some girly time together. 

There are a lot of things you can do in Whistler if you don’t ski or snowboard.  You can go snow shoeing, snow tubing, dog sledding,  snowmobiling and even just hang around the village;  there are a lot of nice food and shopping places you can go to.  For us, since we were on a budget and we couldn’t be bothered to plan ahead for anything, we decided to walk on the trails and enjoy the scenic winter view.  We got a map from the Visitor Centre after we arrived, dropped our stuff at a day storage, had lunch, and went for an adventure searching for Alta Lake.  The trails are really easy to follow, and you can survive with your winter boots as long as you stay on it.


The sun was almost setting when we were walking on the trails. I managed to catch this sight of the bright orange reflection on the mountains. It’s so beautiful!


Posing in front of Alta Lake

We also went snowtubing when we were there.  We did it in first year and really enjoyed it.  Unlike skiing/snowboarding, you don’t need any skills to slide yourself down the hills and you still get that adrenaline rush.  Isn’t it wayyyyy easier?  Forgive me,  but I’m still traumatized from tumbling down the mountains when I tried to ski 3 years ago. LOL


Hellooooo from the gondola!!!




Post-tubing, when I was still high on adrenaline and red from the wind at -18°C.  


So high I had to do the Hotline Bling dance, and the roomie had to deal with the hyperactive child (as usual).

We were there for 2 days.  We went up via Greyhound and stayed at Hostelling International Whistler.  Although HI-Whistler is not located in Whistler Village,  it is only a bus away,  and one can easily get on a bus from the hostel and the village.  We stayed there during first year and it was pretty nostalgic to be there again.  For a budget accommodation, the place was pretty decent.  It is new and clean;  the kitchen is huge;  the staffs, especially the holiday workers from Australia, are pretty cute (this is the main point isn’t it?);  the price is good…  Why not?  I love meeting new people in hostels anyways!

The girls and I had a great time during the trip.  Although it’s just for a short period of time and we’ve been there before, it is nice to revisit a place with the ones you travelled with before.  We’ve changed a lot since the last time we were here, and it’s a nice experience to be here with a different mindset.  Hmm, where did all the time goes?


So glad to be travelling with you girls again! xx


If you are interested in going to Whistler for a short trip and are on a budget, these are the services I mentioned above: 

Day storage – J-station

It costs only CAD$5 to store 2 bags.  I highly recommend it to those of you who are here for a short trip.  You can store your bags here instead of carrying them around after you arrive, since check-in times for hotels are usually around 3-4pm.  Keep in mind though, the place closes at 6pm so you have to pick your stuff up before that. 

Transportation – Greyhound

It is a 2.5-hour trip from Vancouver and costs about $50 round way.  It drops you off at Whistler Village right in front of the Visitor Centre, which is a really strategic location.

Accommodation – Hostelling International Whistler

As I mentioned above, it is a decent accommodation option if you are on a budget.  If hot tubs and private suites are not your priority, I recommend HI-Whistler.  A one-way transit bus fare is CAD$2.50, and there is a bus stop right in front of the hostel. 

Let me know if you have any question or recommendations on things you like to do in Whistler,  I’d love to hear them!