Fall Favourites

Last week, Miss Nikole tagged me to blog about my fall favourites.  I’m not really a fan of fall, the short daylight and falling leaves and cold temperature depress me.  It makes me want to stay indoors and be lazy all the time.   Perhaps the tropical girl in me gets all of my energy from the warmth of the sun, and this weather isn’t really ideal for it.  

Despite of that, I learned to find the goodness in fall.  I learned to appreciate the layers and spices and dark colours that I wouldn’t have appreciated if I did not leave Malaysia.  Here are some of my favourites:

Fall favourites


1. Fall fashion

The sweaters, the ankle boots, the beanies, the scarves… all those layerings.  Although it might be heavy or bulky when I’m layering up, it’s fun to look for inspirations online and mix and match all the things that I have.  It is the time of the year that I learn to embrace the long sleeves and the darker colours in my wardrobe.

2. Dark lips

I don’t usually try out different styles of make up, the only thing that I am willing to fool around is my lip colour. Fall is such a great excuse to wear those dark, bold lip colours without looking too crazy!  I recently got the Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Matte in shade 107 and I’m madly in love with it.  Thanks Olivia for recommending it! 


3. The spices

To be honest, before moving to Canada, I didn’t know spices can be used in so many other ways besides throwing them in indian dishes.  Be it pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice latte, chai latte, cinnamon rolls, spice-scented candles, I love the warm sensation these spices bring during the cold days.

4. Warm teas

Speaking of warm sensation, I had been sipping so much tea the past few weeks!  My craving for iced coffee has officially switched to hot tea.  I’m currently drinking a lot of peppermint tea due to the bloating that I got from my premenstrual syndrome.  It really helps!


5. Blankets and throws and all the furry stuff

Do I need to explain why I like these furry stuffs that wrap me like a fur ball and keep me warm?  This Sunbeam heated throw is my gem, not only does it keep me and my bed warm, it’s also the perfect solution for my period cramps!

6. Scented candles

Since the night is longer now, lighting a candle feels more like an essential than a treat for me.  The candle that I am currently using is Voluspa’s “Mokara.” I got it when I was in Portland during the summer and it is finishing soon, do you have any favourite or suggestion that I should try next?  

7. A nice hot bubble bath

A nice hot bath can be really therapeutic during the cold days.  I’m currently using Ombra’s Citrus Sage aromatic foam bath. The combination of citrus, sage, rosemary and other herbal extracts is really refreshing and renewing.  The leafy combination really goes well with the fall weather outside my bathroom window too.


As you can tell from my favourites, fall is a time that I learn to pamper myself a lot.  As the tropical girl in me can’t get the warm sunshine that I love and be as active as I’d love to outdoors, I make it up by pampering myself in different ways.  I find out what I like about fall and embrace them.  It is all these little things that I choose to do that affect my mood everyday, and I am proud of myself for making these choices.  

“Heaven can be found in the most unlikely corners.”

― Mitch Albom, The Five People You Meet in Heaven

Be present and learn about your surroundings.  Find that heaven in the place that you least like.  I hope that all of you fall-lovin’ people are enjoying your days, and those of you who don’t like fall find your heaven in it.  Stay warm and comfy peeps, till then!