Etsy: Made In Canada 2015 – Vancouver Picks

Last weekend, Etsy Vancouver had its yearly Made in Canada Market at UBC Robson Square. Made in Canada is Etsy’s national grassroots initiative celebrating the crafters, collectors and artisans in local communities across Canada. From coast to coast, 34 cities in Canada, Etsy artisans sell their handmade wares and vintage goods to local buyers at the markets in this one-day event. Being a huge fan of local crafters and small businesses, I decided to check out the event with my friend Aurora.

The rink was filled with people when we arrived. I wasn’t expected the crowd at all and was so not ready to fight all the people to get the bargains. JK, it’s ain’t no Asian market yo! But seriously, the turnout was so good Aurora and I actually had to struggle to check out the cool stuff sold by the vendors (we had a lot of fun doing it too, don’t worry!). There were all sorts of businesses ranging from natural skin care to gift cards to men’s bow tie to baby’s apparel, which are all super creative and nicely crafted. I would’ve splurged there if it wasn’t for the many people blocking me from vendors and my empty bank account from back-to-school textbook purchases.

After being crushed in the not-so-big rink, Aurora and I went to Purebread at Hastings for a cuppa tea and dessert. It was my first time visiting this bakery and man, I literally got stunned by the variety of baked goods served in the store! I had to let other customers go before me while I made what seemed to be the biggest decision in my life at that moment – picking the right dessert for the day. LOL I ended up with a banana brownie that tasted soooo heavenly. ANYWAYS, I’m drifting away from my topic, but I just wanted to share that because I am very grateful for a great shopping + tea/coffee/dessert + great conversation day with a great friend. #thankful


UBC Robson Square


Hey Aurora! Let’s do the “I’m not so impressed with the crowd squishing me” face! ?


Tea + Etsy = ?

Here are some of my personal favourites out of the vendors that day!

1. Cute little magnetic bookmarks that got me screaming for life. That pineapple and eggs and milk and cookies though!

2. The bookworm in me couldn’t be tamed. These notebooks made out of actual old paperbacks are really cool!

3. I was never a huge fan of decals because I like the sleek original look of Macs, but these ones actually made me reconsider it.

4. Because you totally need cool overpriced geometrical homeware period.

5. And you totally need Canadian province-shaped cheese boards that works like puzzles.


7. Okay, these accessories are so cute I wish I own everything…


and… that’s it! I personally really enjoyed supporting small business owners as they’re often really humble and approachable, and most of all, they’re passionate about what they’re doing. It’s really inspiring looking at them work hard for what they believe it. Check out their online stores on Etsy, you’ll be amazed by their creativity and craftsmanship. Till then!