My NYC Bucketlist

Yay! I managed to check Travel to New York off my bucket list this year!

You probably knew from my old blog post, or the bucketlist tab above that I take my bucket list quite seriously. Every year, I would have a main goal to be achieved, and I was really excited to have enough money to travel to New York City this year. There were so many things I wanted to do/visit there, thanks to all the American series/books/movies that I got obsessed with. 

These are the top 10 in my bucket list that I (almost) managed to cross off during my trip this summer!

1. Have a picnic at Central Park

I didn’t know Central Park is actually so big and that there’re so many things you can do there! I was really amazed by every corner of the park; the boat house, the a cappella singers under Bethesda Terrace, the street artists, the hidden trails etc. My bestie Vivian and I picked a spot that oversees Bethesda Fountain and Bethesda Terrace for picnic, and we had a great conversation while eating the sandwiches we prepared in the morning. I was blessed!


2. Sit on the Met steps ala Blair Waldorf

You know how when you’re a teenager, you get envious over all the cool stuff you see on the TV? Gossip Girl was the series that got me dream of New York City when I was younger. I was so envious of the lifestyle of Manhattan’s elite, of Blair and Serena’s wardrobe and their lifestyle. The teenage girl in me was elated when I got to sit at the Met steps, although I was just sitting at the steps of a museum. LOL


3. Visit the Grand Central Station

Of course, who can forget where Serena Van Der Woodsen was first spotted back in Manhattan, with Young Folks playing at the background? Or where Alex and Melman and the team from Madagascar were caught? Or where JT prepared the flash mob for Mila Kunis in Friends with Benefits? To quote the bestie, Grand Central Station seems to be made of gold. The lights, the walls, everything is in a golden hue. It is indeed a very beautiful station!



Don’t forget to check out the Whispering Walls when you visit Grand Central Station!

4. Visit the Statue of Liberty

Ah, the most famous lady in New York! To be honest, I didn’t know how much this statue meant to some Americans until my tour there. The audio tour and the museum really taught me a lot. I did not go to the crown, only to the pedestal and I would say that it was enough. I was really lucky that it started raining after I left the island, or I would have so much trouble taking selfies with the lady! 😛



5. Visit Times Square

The billboards are indeed mind-blowing – more so at night though! I first visited Times Square during the day and did not feel the oomph that I was expecting, and then I went back again another night and was mind-blown by the crazy lights. Even though it’s just a busy area filled with tourists, the crazy advertising space made me feel so alive. I call it the marketers’ heaven!


6. Watch a Broadway show in NYC 

Hello? How can the professional bathroom singer miss out a Broadway show when in New York? I was so excited to watch Wicked and man, everything about the show was perfect – the cast, the band, the costume, the set… EVERYTHING. Oh! Someone in the audience actually proposed to his (then) gf out loud before the show, we’re so lucky to witness her saying yes! 


7. Walk across Brooklyn Bridge

As mentioned on my previous post, I ran a lot when I was in NYC. I actually ran across Brooklyn Bridge instead of walking, and because we ran there when the sun was setting, the view was SPECTACULAR. Vivian managed to capture this scene of me taking a photo of the bridge and I’m so so so in love with this photo! The pretty view, my sporty outfit, the camera on my hands, the tourists who looked at me in weird ways; it just says so much about my trip there!


8. Have a New York style pizza 

It’s not something really special, but it’s something you HAVE to do when you travel right? Like, trying the authentic food where it originates from? I personally like thin-crust pizzas so I love them a lot! Although I did end up eating more bagels than pizzas during my trip there… Oops!


9. See the Flat Iron building

Forgive me, but I did not know that the flat iron building is in New York City until Vivian told me about it. Even though it was not on my bucket list before I went to NYC, I really wanted to see it after I learned about it. How often do you see a building so skinny you wish you’re it? LOL The architecture is just too cool!


10. Stand on top of the Empire State Building

THIS. This is the only thing in my bucket list that was NOT crossed off during my trip to New York City, but I’m not too sad about it. Instead of going to the top of the Empire State Building, I ended up going to the Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center instead. Friends who had been to both of these towers for sightseeing recommended this deck as the view is better.

I actually met up with Nabila, my super bubbly friend from CPU when we found out that we’re both in NYC. It was so nice catching up with her over dinner and we went to the deck at around 8PM. We waited until the sun set, allowing ourselves to see the view during the day and the night. It was so so so beautiful to see the city being lit up as the sun set, it definitely tops the list of pretty sights in New York City (on par with the sunrise at DUMBO actually)!


North side of the building, before the sun sets, you get to see the deep greens of Central Park.


South side of the building, after the sun sets, the beautiful view of the city and the Empire State Building ♥️


And there you go, the top 10 things in my New York City bucket list that I (almost) checked off! I really didn’t mind about trading the top of Empire State Building with Rockefeller Center, as I witnessed such a pretty view up there. After all, I can still visit the Empire State Building when I visit New York again right? 😛

I’m so grateful to be able to get such an amazing experience, to visit the places that I dreamed of as a child, and to cross off such huge goals on my bucket list again this year.  Call it the City of Dreams, the City that Never Sleeps, the City So Nice, They Named It Twice, or whatever you like, I hope that you get to visit New York City one day and witness/experience all of these amazing stuff on your own too.

Thank you so much for checking out my blog post. Take care!