Beetroot Detox Smoothie Recipe

Hello friends! I am finally back from travelling! After spending a month wandering around New York City, Washington DC and Portland Oregon, I am glad to be back in Vancouver to the comfort of home (JK, dorm). Despite having the time of my life experiencing different cultures and going places, travelling can be a pain in the ass. First […]View post →

Sunrise in New York City

Remember your first sleepover, the time when you were so excited and couldn’t stop chatting with your bff/cousins all night long and didn’t want to sleep? A week into my stay with the bff here in NYC, we still haven’t run out of topics to talk about at night despite seeing each other 24/7. Last weekend, we were chatting […]View post →

Lost in New York – Penguin Prison

A week into my trip in New York City and I am madly in love with this place. This album from Penguin Prison really matches my mood each time I discover something new as I wander and run around the city. If only I can stay lost in New York forever. #LostInNewYork 🚇🌇🗽🇺🇸🚕🍕🍟🍔  View post →