Loving Yourself

I have been loving myself more and more each day. Not the narcissistic “I’m so beautiful” or “It’s all about me” kind of love, but the “I would take good care of myself” kind of love. I have been this way since a long time ago, and this self-love part of me only gets stronger and stronger whenever I live by myself.

After being busy with a week filled with midterms, assignments, club-associated commitments and some summer plans with friends, I told myself that I need to take a good break after submitting my paper yesterday. So I got myself a nice bath bomb, some candles, some leftover wine and a relaxing/chill playlist as I indulge myself in a nice long bath.

Sex Bomb by Lush, I love the sense and how the rose petal pops out as the bath bomb fizzes.

The tranquility of the empty room and the sound of the splashing water calmed me down as I tried to empty my preoccupied mind amidst the darkness. It was impossible to forget everything in just a moment, but I definitely had a great rest dipping myself in the Jasmine-scented pink bath. It felt great to pamper myself even though it was only for an hour before going to bed.

A short break is what needed for a longer, tougher journey, and I’m sure all of these self-pampering moments will help me stay stronger in the attainment of my dreams. Just because I’m single, just because I’m living by myself, it doesn’t mean that this body and soul of mine don’t deserve any tender loving care. I’m going to smile and keep doing things that I know will make myself feel better, as this is a journey to better understand myself, and to learn to love others more.

Sometimes, all you need is a pat on your back, an activity that soothes you and your favourite dessert to make you feel better. You can get all of these just by loving yourself – just like how I bought a tub of Ben & Jerry’s for myself. 😛

Till then,

xx Wendy