Women, And Our Period.

So yea, let’s talk about period. Last week while I had the busiest schedule and the craziest commitments to do, my Aunt Flo came visiting at the same time – Trust me, it’s so annoying and tiring and terrible I wish I could be a man to stop having all these nuisances.

I have random mood swings and cry easily for minor issues about a week before my period starts, I had a massive headache on the day before my midterm while I was doing some last minute revision, then I had a terrible, terrible period cramp on the morning of my midterm. Bad appetite, bad sleeping routine, weak body and bad mood – period can do shit to a woman.

A week after I struggled with the terrible symptoms and finally got better, I saw this video that my friend’s sister did – and I decided that it is a sign for me to blog about period. LOL

Reminder: This song is super addictive you will be singing it in your mind all day.

The song/video was done to ‘reduce shame and embarrassment that women feel regarding their time of month.’  I got really excited when I heard the song because she expressed a thought that I had since a long time ago – why do women get embarrassed about period?

God created us the way that about 5 days a month, we will undergo hormonal changes in our body and have bleeding involuntarily from our uterus. It is something unique and noble about keeping the offspring in the population going; Think about it, it makes sense that some sacrifices have to be made in order to bring out a new life, and us women were chosen to carry out this duty instead of  men!

Although I really hate the process of having my period, especially when I have my mood swings and swear all about it, I’m learning to appreciate this special duty I’m carrying as a woman. That is also part of the reason why I am blogging about this – to help encourage women to not be ashamed of period, and to help men understand how it’s like to have period, and why you should give us some respect before making fun about it.

Since it’s the Halloween season and we’re talking about period, here you go – a used pad costume that is too cool Idk if I should find it offensive or creative. LOL 


Dear Men,

Having your period is like having a leaking pipe on your lower body, where blood will flow out randomly without you being able to control or stop it. Think of it like blood flowing out of your penis when you’re walking or doing other daily chores, you know that it is leaking but you have zero control over it – that is how period is like.

With the aid of pad or tampon, blood is absorbed and stopped from staining your clothes. But if you have a high flow and the absorbency is full, it might leak. So you will have to change your pad/tampon every 4-6 hours depending on your flow – that is how troublesome period can be.

The process of blood coming out was painless, but all sorts of symptoms like bloated stomach, thigh/stomach/lower abdomen cramps, breakouts etc. might possibly accompany your period. Symptoms like these depend solely on the individual – not every woman would be as weak as me, there are some who experience almost nothing during period, but I also have friends who would faint or puke during their period.

As for the mood swings, I think it happens due to the change in estrogen and progesterone level in our body. For cases like mine, which I think there is a severe hormonal imbalance in me, your emotion will be like a roller coaster, getting up and laughing in a second and going down and crying in another second without knowing why – that is how depressing period can be.

This is a video I saw years ago, which I somehow find offensive from the way he talked about period and how he took the pad and stained it. I know he exaggerated the stories on purpose, but no he did not word it nice enough to give us the respect we deserve. 

P/s: This is the reason I don’t really like Joseph Germani back then.


What I am trying to say is, having period is not as simple as it seems. I am not trying to say that women are allowed to make absurd requests or excuses out of period like the video above, but I hope that there are some understanding about what we are going through and can gain some respect for that.

And as for my girl friends, why do we always lower our volume when telling others we’re on period or hide our tampons/pads when going to the washroom? Yes we don’t have to shout out our lungs to let the whole world know, but we shouldn’t be hiding anything about it either. Think about it like going to the washroom to pee/poop, it’s not something cool that you will shout out, but it is not something that you’ll try not to let others know too right?

Remember, whenever you’re feeling down and painful during your period, almost every women out there understands how you feel. You are not alone, and you never will be! 🙂


This may seem like a really awkward/weird topic to post about, but I actually enjoy blogging about it because I feel like I’m representing women to express our feelings. Come one ladies, let the blood sisters unite and show the world how brave we are to battle the war of menstruation! LOL