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Proven Methods to Study on Your Own

Ah, study. Don’t we all love studying? *insert sarcastic smirk* I remember when I was a kid, I used to be pressured into studying really hard to get good grades in my

Slaying the Enemy of Creativity

It’s a sad fallacy that people still cling to; that there are creatives, and then there’s everybody else. The truth is, we all have that spark of creativity within us. It’s there

Skiing With Big Ambitions But A Little Budget

Disclaimer: This is a contributed article.   Everyone that has ever been skiing always comes back from slopes buzzing like a bee caught in the warmest spring since records began. The fresh

4 Unmistakable Signs Traveling Was The Greatest Experience Ever

Disclaimer: This is a contributed article.   “It’s so good to have you back! Did you enjoy the trip?” It’s a question returning travelers get every time they land in their home

#GIRLBOSS Sessions: What Makes You Great For A Leadership Position?

I’m a huge fan of female girl bosses. I find women who are in leadership positions to be so fucking badass and sexy and I aspire to be one of them. I

Things You Need to be Asking When Hiring a Photographer

Not too long ago, I had a photoshoot with a friend of mine, who needed a subject for a sensual themed portrait for her assignment as a junior photographer. It was a

Using Credit Cards Wisely in College

Happy New Year! As we welcome 2018 with lots of energy and a burning desire to achieve all our New Year’s resolutions, I’d like to share my first “adulting tips” article of

2017 Recap

Earlier this year when I was writing my New Year’s Reflection, I wanted myself to focus on three things – power, perseverance and love. Power to achieve all that I wanted, perseverance

Christmas Mixtape: Hey Santa Baby

Dear sweet ones, As you know, Christmas is my favourite time of the year and I’d like to share a little holiday cheer with you. Here’s my Christmas mixtape, which consists of my