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kevin lee new york

Indie Mixtape: Late Night on Broadway

I combined some of my favourite indie pop, electropop, alternative and hip-hop into a mixtape. It’s called late night on broadway because it brought me to a lonely long walk along Broadway,
avocado style avocado pun

Back to School in Avocado Style

It is no secret that I am obsessed with avocados. My nickname in my previous company was “the avocado girl”. On my graduation day, I received a basket of avocados, an avocado
know yourself mirror reflection

Know Yourself – Getting to Know You!

Previously, I talked about my go-to goal setting method that can help you navigate your life choices. While it’s important to know your end goal, a dream will remain a dream if

Mini Kitty Photoshoot for Tiger Maui

Last week, my niece brought a baby kitten who lost its mum home. The cat had been left abandoned, hungry and alone at her school for a while and my niece couldn’t

Feeling Lost? Try the Backward Goal Setting Method

Yesterday, my 14-year old niece came into my bedroom and asked me for advice on goal setting. She needed help in planning her course options, like what she should do or subjects

FITGEAR.shop Review

About a month ago, an old acquaintance of mine reached out to me and asked if I’d like to review a new activewear from a company he’s working with. According to its

Mid Year Reflection

I took out my journal and flipped to my New Year’s Resolution page yesterday. It’s the 1st of July, mid of the year, Canada Day, (okay not really related but I had

FAQ about Menstrual Cup

A month ago, I made a vlog about How to Use a Menstrual Cup and My First Time Experience using it. After posting that video, I received a lot of questions about

2017 Summer Picks: Bikini

I’ve been dreaming about visiting the beach lately. Salty hair, sandy beach bums, teeny tiny bikinis ??? Ahhh…. isn’t that the perfect summer getaway? But a. I have no money to travel b. My bikini