How Does a Gender Balanced World Look Like?

As I scroll through Instagram today, I saw selfies and photos of girlfriends celebrating International Women’s Day, a special day made to celebrate our achievements and the equality that we have fought

FREE PRINTABLE: Wellness Tracker Wheel

Hi there! Chances are, you are here from watching my YouTube video about What is Personal Wellness? If you’re not, you should TOTALLY watch it here right now. As promised in the

5 Podcasts You Have to Listen This New Year

I love listening to podcasts. I have been listening to them every day during my drive to work. It helps me feel productive when I can’t really do anything else, especially since

10 Email Marketing Do’s and Don’ts for Bloggers

Email marketing is so powerful. After working in the digital marketing field for 2 years, I learned that email marketing is so much more efficient in increasing your blog traffic as compared

Paperless Post Review: E-Cards and Invitations for Your Loved Ones

Growing up, my family has a tradition of hand writing holiday cards for our dearest friends and family to send our warm wishes. However, as technology advances throughout the years, with the
things to do in chiang mai

How To See More Of the World

We only have a finite amount of time to see all of the world. And alas, it’s not a place you can see in a weekend. It’s a big old planet out

The Amazing Things That Happen When You Smile

I get it. I really do. There’s nothing worse than being told that you should smile more. It’s especially egregious when a woman is told this by a man or (everyone’s pet

Is There A Secret To Clearing The Mind?

If you have ever been the type of person to hold conversations in your mind, you know that it can get tiring. You overthink everything, ask questions that seem relevant at the

Living Vazzy is 10!

I remember back in high school, my sister used to shame me a lot for blogging. She teased me of being a “wannabe” and that I was dreaming of being “blogger famous”

Getting The Most Out Of Your College Education Experience

College is an exciting experience, but it’s also one that gives you a lot of personal freedom right after high school, where most of us were still extremely dependent of our family.

Thoughts on Marriage // Drunk Heart-to-Heart Talk

At the age of 25, friends are starting to get married, and the expectation for me to get married, especially from older family members are starting to get higher. So, what are

Stepping Out of the Fear Zone

I originally drafted this post as a script for my upcoming YouTube video, but ended up feeling like writing about it instead. It’s been a while since I wrote a journal entry

How To Keep Fit The Right Way

If you’re looking to get fit and active, congratulations! Congratulations for taking the initiative, getting started, and making it happen. There are so many benefits to adopting this lifestyle, not only because

Maintaining Your Workout Motivation

My energy level had been pretty low for a few weeks due to physical health and random life problems that I got thrown at. I was constantly fatigue and not motivated to

How to Make Sure Your Student Experience is a Positive One

Almost everyone is pursuing a college education these days and it’s not at all too surprising. There are so many good stuff that come hand in hand with heading away to study

Top 3 Tips For Travelling To Thailand In 2018

This is a contributed post for the travel category on my blog. Enjoy! Thailand is a beautiful piece of Southeast Asian paradise. It’s a truly amazing country with so much to offer.

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