Hello, my name is Wendy!

I am a lifestyle blogger, online marketer, henna artist and an aspiring social entrepreneur. I know, that’s many different labels for this tiny ass, four-feet eleven Asian girl but that’s me. Your typical ENFP – the one with a lot of ideas and many friends. The extraverted, expressive and very emotional energizer bunny.

I used to be the most driven, fearless and happy person in the room until depression and PTSD hit me when I was 21 as a result of a traumatic event. Since then, a part of me changed. I had to learn to deal with the irreparable hole in my heart while I figure out how to adult. Searching for my purpose in life, learning to handle my finances, trying to achieve work life balance, all the while making my Asian parents proud. Is that even humanly possible? #thestruggleisreal

I had been blogging here since 2008 (yeap it’s been almost 9 years now) and this blog is my baby that have been through thick and thin with me. It is a lifestyle blog where I share my learnings in staying healthy and productive, my experience in starting my own creative business, my love for books and music, my henna/photography/music art pieces, and many more. It is a space I created to spread love and share the realness of life on the internet.

Welcome, and I hope you enjoy your time here!

xx Wendy


  1. I am obsessed with avocados.
  2. I am a quarter Dutch, 3 quarter Malaysian-Chinese. 
  3. I lived in the ever Beautiful British Columbia, Canada for 4 years throughout my university life. 
  4. My parents didn’t pay for my entire tertiary education and living expenses abroad because I got a big fat scholarship.
  5. I went through 11 years of all-girl school and have 2 sisters, even my sister’s kids are girls. #GIRLPOWER 
  6. I drive a 15-year old manual car. 
  7. My Tinder profile (before I deleted the app) says “My passion for cheesecake and ice-cream is equal to my passion for yoga and running” – Yeap, they still are! 
  8. And yes, I’m still single.
  9. I love singing and I play the guitar and ukulele. They appear on my YouTube channel occasionally.
  10. I enjoy random adventures like hiking and giving free hugs and eating bugs, but I also enjoy sitting in my bed in my PJs with a good book. 
  11. Yes, I take my bucket list a little bit too seriously.
  12. I was never a sports person my entire life. I only started working out during university after gaining freshman 15.
  13. I ran my first half marathon in May 2016.
  14. I’ve successfully helped many girls switch from pads to tampons and menstrual cup.
  15. Lady Gaga > Beyonce

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