Living Vazzy is 10!

I remember back in high school, my sister used to shame me a lot for blogging. She teased me of being a “wannabe” and that I was dreaming of being “blogger famous” (yeap, those were the days, Instagram and YouTube didn’t exist yet). I used to get so annoyed by it, but fortunately I never let her shaming stop me. I kept on doing what I enjoyed doing, even when none of my friends shared the same interest as I did. Fast forward today, I can certainly say that blogging has created a different life for me.

I started my blogspot on 17 October 2008. I shared about how happy I was post PMR exams and how it was like in my first part time job. At that time, I was an unapologetic and extremely honest teenager. I loved sharing everything about my life on my blog, the good and the bad, even the super mean cyberbullying posts.

And then I grew older and learned that some things were meant to be private and I couldn’t be mean to people. So I learned to filter my content and write about things that people could resonate with instead. It was also around the same time that I went to college and started getting recognized for my blog. The positive encouragement got me to decide to pursue blogging “professionally”, like getting my own domain and hosting and rebranding it properly.

It was through my effort and dedication to my blog that I landed my first part time job as a social media manager and eventually, a full time job as a content marketer. While I wouldn’t say that being a content marketer is my “dream job”, it has allowed me to learn so much technically and creatively, and also meet so many people whom I know will be helpful in my ventures.

Like I said earlier, blogging has created a different life for me. I wouldn’t have pursued a creative digital job if I followed what everyone else was doing and gave up blogging only after a few months. I wouldn’t be so confident to start my own YouTube channel and online store if I didn’t have the experience of constantly throwing myself out there and learning everything about web building through YouTube.

My dream for Living Vazzy at its 10th birthday is to become a space for young women to get inspired and empowered to dream big and do things that they want to do. While I wouldn’t say that I am a successful woman who can be young girls’ role model yet, I feel like sharing my experience in trying to be a #GIRLBOSS will help motivate girls to lean in and dream big for themselves.

Yeap, I have really big dreams for this 10 years old blog of mine. But I know that it is possible and I can make it happen.

xx Wendy