Top 3 Tips For Travelling To Thailand In 2018

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Thailand is a beautiful piece of Southeast Asian paradise. It’s a truly amazing country with so much to offer. As such, it’s rapidly becoming one of the hottest travel destinations in the world right now. So many people flood to Thailand each year – usually as part of a gap year or a trek around Asia. However, it’s quickly transforming into a great holiday destination as well. The great thing about it is that you can easily do Thailand on your own or as a group. If you’re thinking about going there this year, then here are some top tips to know before you go:

Follow The Crowds To Find The Best Food

A highlight of every trip to this part of the world is the food. Thai cuisine is right up there with the very best, and what better place to sample it that the country of origin. There will be loads of local restaurants and street food vendors trying to get you to buy their food. One word of advice is to follow the crowds. This tends to mean the food is good – particularly if the locals are queuing up – and it also means the food will be fresher as it’s being cooked quickly. Yes, you’ll have to wait, but it will be worth it when you get delicious food without any food poisoning! Speaking of which, make sure you never drink from the taps here, as that will be a surefire way to set your stomach alight.

Package Deals Are Well Worthwhile

Package deals are nothing new, but they’re definitely worthwhile if you’re going to Thailand. This is purely because the country is so big and there are so many different things to do and places to see. There are plenty of Thailand holiday packages that will take you to different areas of the country, allowing you to see more things. It’s the easiest and cheapest way to experience the country, and there’s no worry of trying to book tours at the last minute and getting overcharged or being disappointed as there are no places left. Plus, you get sorted out with good accommodation as well, which sets you up for the trip very nicely.

Don’t Trust Anyone

This makes it sound like Thailand is a really horrible place, but it’s just like any busy tourist country nowadays; there are also people trying to rip travellers off! As such, avoid trusting anyone that tries to offer you things or acts like they’re helping you out. The chances are they’ll want money in exchange for everything, so be on the lookout for anyone like this. Tuk Tuk and taxi drivers are the worst as they’ll offer you lifts and then charge you extra at the destination, bleeding you dry of all your travel money. If you need help, speak to someone at your accommodation or find a tourist information office.

And that’s it; the top three tips for travelling to Thailand in 2018. Make no mistake about it, this is a truly wonderful country. If you follow this advice, then your holiday here will be ten times better.

Featured image via Pixabay