It’s Not About What You Wear… It’s About How You Wear It!

This is a contributed post for those of you who need fashion advice just like I do. Enjoy!

Do you ever walk into a shop and think, ‘that’ll never suit me’. Because it’s so easy to put ourselves down, and turn down items of clothing that we don’t think will suit our style, or even our body shape. You’ll see those people who look like they can pull off absolutely everything, and you’ll wonder why it’ll never seem to look good on you. Well, you need to understand that sometimes, it’s not about what you wear, it’s about how you wear it. Knowing what will suit your body shape is the only thing you need to be concerned about. Other than that, it’s all about picking what you like, and styling it out! To show you that it’s not all about what you wear, we want to give you a few bits of advice that will help you pull of anything.

The Look In General

It’s not all about what you wear… as we’ve said. But, surprisingly enough, it’s something not even about how you wear it, it’s the whole look in general. So, even if you’re just going casual, perhaps to a lunch with friends, you have to think about your makeup, and your hair. Having your makeup done is essential to a good look, it really just sets of the outfit. So, every morning, or every morning that you have something on in the day, focus on the beauty aspect. Curl your hair, do your makeup, and generally make yourself feel pretty within. It’s that pretty feeling that you’re getting from the beauty side that will make you feel so good in your outfit. If you’re going out out, this is obviously a given to put in more effort, but if you start doing it on a daily basis, you’ll be surprised at how much you love what you’re wearing.

What Goes With What

There does need to be some sort of coordination with this still. For example, you can’t really wear checkered with stripes, it just doesn’t seem to go well. But, you can think about causal items, and what they would go with. Take the classic ankle boots as an example. They don’t necessarily go with pretty much anything, but add it to the simple jeans and a top look, and you’ve added a little bit of class to the outfit. Think of it as an upgrade as it were! The casual skinny jeans and a top look is always going to be in, and if you finish it with a leather jacket, you could go out casual or classy, and you would still look amazing!

Being Confident

Being confident is everything when it comes to wearing what you want. Half of the time, we’re not picking up the outfits that we want because we fear judgement from other people, when in fact, people will be thinking about how good you look. If you’re wearing things that make you happy, you shouldn’t care what anyone else thinks. It’s the confidence that you walk around with that can make you look 10x better!