Why Small Positive Daily Acts Can Change Your Life

Have you ever thought that you’d like to change the direction of your life in some fundamental way that you just couldn’t put your finger on? Maybe you’ve got a hard-to-define sense that you could be a better version of yourself, and live up to your potential more fully, but the idea daunts you.

But what if, in order to transform your life for the better, you didn’t need to undergo a dramatic trial by fire? What If you could start making things better just by making a few conscious Google searches whether those be for Sierrasil info, ways to clean a stained carpet, or free online courses to get involved in?

Though it may seem hard to swallow, small positive daily acts have the power to change your life in ways you could scarcely believe. Here are some reasons why:

Small daily victories build up hope, self-esteem, and self-respect

Self-esteem and self-respect are often thought of as abstract personality traits that you either have, or don’t, and which exist in their own reality for mysterious reasons. But while your thought process and way of interpreting the world can certainly affect the degree to which you have self-esteem and respect, your actions also have a major role to play.

To a large degree, self-esteem comes from achieving things, believing you’re capable of doing something worthwhile, as a result, and liking yourself for putting in the work. Self-respect, likewise, is largely a matter of liking yourself — which is largely a matter of behaving in ways that make you proud, and believe in yourself.

Small daily victories — the type that come from small, positive daily acts — set the ground for significant increases in self-esteem, self-respect, and even hope.

As good things start happening, the momentum carries you forward

Success tends to breed success, and failure tends to breed failure. This is why we have concepts such as a “vicious” or “virtuous” circle — where one bad, or good, action, leads to another, and on, and on. Though small acts designed at making things better in some tiny way, may appear humble, they can often begin a snowball effect, a cascade of positive outcomes. Deciding to get a better night’s sleep, for example, can improve your productivity at school, or work, make you more sociable, and so improve your life on multiple fronts.

Small, positive acts, repeated, lay the foundation for life-changing habits

The habits we carry out on a daily basis ultimately form our destinies and even determine the neuronal connections in our brains. The only way to develop positive, life-affirming habits, is through daily repetition of positive, life-affirming behaviours. In this sense, small daily acts that serve to make your life better in some way — no matter how humble — lay the foundation for great and life-changing habits, which will directly affect the nature of your character, and thus your destiny.

Start small, and work your way up gradually over time. That’s how positive habits are instilled.


Disclaimer: This is a contributed blog post on personal wellness
Featured Photo by Anthony Ginsbrook on Unsplash