The Best Women’s Empowerment 101

Empowering yourself as a modern woman is not something that’s apparently obvious to do. This is because for the most part, women have been proving themselves competent and deeply excellent since human history began. This is not a new thing. However, while all political goals have been achieved to balance the sexes, sometimes cultural attitudes and personal perspectives can prevent us from becoming the best of ourselves.

Women’s empowerment seems to be a term that is heralded from the rooftops, almost as if it’s been reduced to a catchphrase, something that seems ethereal and unpractical. This is a tragedy. To truly empower ourselves as women, and not just repeat empty platitudes, we’d recommend our guide to empowerment 101:

It Begins With The Individual

The only tool you have to improve women’s empowerment is to improve your own empowerment. This means while you may be a woman and should find pride in that, you shouldn’t let that blanket term permeate your identity solely. When you achieve something phenomenal, it’s not the fact you’re a woman that helped you achieve it. You will have achieved it through your own wit, will, ingenuity and absolute virtue. You should be completely proud of authoring your own ability.

After all, only the individual suffers and achieves, the group does not. While your success will reflect massively on you, you will also become a node of success and excellence that allows women’s empowerment to state the same. This ironic attitude of starting at your own personal level means you can reflect much more positivity for women worldwide than an intended goal of putting the world to rights.

Take Inspiration From Other Women

There are so many phenomenal women in the world. From politicians holding office from the State of Arizona Secretary of State to the previous achievements of Michelle Obama, and with political actions such as young girls heading to school in oppressive regimes, there is always someone to take inspiration from. A network of sisters becoming inspired by the success of others allows you to feel a sense of utility, authorship and willingness. You realize that there’s absolutely nothing women cannot do. Not only this, but you are much more likely to look at success positively, instead of using excuses to prevent you from taking action. There are millions of incredible women around the world, and they all have something to teach.

Content Of Character

You should never feel restricted to societal requirements of you. If you do not like wearing makeup or wearing fancy clothes, you needn’t. If you love getting dressed up and looking fierce each day in the office, you should. The content of your character is often labelled as the most important thing, and that’s absolutely true. However, this shouldn’t mean you only care about inner worth. If being tattooed, dressed well, dying your hair, driving a certain car, indulging in certain hobbies and travelling to certain places is something that can encourage the content of your character rather than mask it, you have immediately gone a step further than those who say you should never sometimes rely on surface level requirements.

The truly empowered woman makes no excuses and understands the world is at her fingertips. With this attitude, you are sure to compete and achieve in everything you have to offer.

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Featured Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash