international womens day playlist

International Women’s Day Playlist #GIRLBOSS

Happy International Women’s day! I am so happy to be celebrating today as a kick ass 25-year old who is hustling for her career, battling depression, and doing what she loves along the way. I am proud of the women in my life, for being so tough and courageous and strong; for selflessly fighting for her own rights and those of her sisters. As I celebrate our day today, I hope that you will continue to stay strong with your dreams and belief, and keep marching towards it. Yes my girls, I’m talking about us.

Here’s a playlist for you badass girlbosses, to sing or dance along on your drive to work, during your gym session, or when you’re feeding your toddler and needed a little extra push. Heck, listen to this playlist if you’re trying to mend your broken heart. It’s gonna make you so fucking badass you’re gonna hop off your chair and punch all the guys who’s ever hurt you like a sandbag. JK, I love guys, I just want equal rights.

Honey, this one’s for us! ? xx Wendy