Home Cinema: Entertainment You Can Count On

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It’s no secret that most of us like gadgets. Whether they happen to actually be useful, or just something which makes you feel better every time you see it, they are most definitely something which brightens up our day regardless. Now, if you’re feeling the tech itch striking back, then it might just be time to pick up something to fill that technological void, but what should you go for? After all, the tech industry is nowhere near small at the moment, regardless whether you’re looking at cordless power drills or car subwoofers, it’s possible to get a bit lost in the whole thing. Everybody seems to be releasing the next “must-have” product which will allegedly shape the industry in the years to come, making it hard to take anyone’s word for anything. This is why you should go and do some preemptive research before spending your hard-earned money on something as disastrous as the OUYA. Of course, mistakes will be made, that is inevitable whenever people attempt to innovate in the field, and some weird products which will turn out to be complete flops will happen, despite having a lot of initial promise. Fortunately, you can do your best to avoid those by reading posts such as this one, and doing your own research. So without any further ado, let’s look at some of the more “safe” bets when it comes to new gadgets, by looking at some good ol’ home cinema in the new age.

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Wallpaper TV

A TV is something which has become a staple in just about every household for a long while now, and if you want to invest in something cool which you are bound to get some use out of, then a fancy new TV might be just that. Now we’ve all been through the HD phase now, marvelling at the colours and resolution of the now-standard Blu-ray movies, and we simply need something more. Something which will make us go “wow” again, and something which will also impress your friends and family when they come over. This is where the new series of the LG TVs come in. Being thinner than a pen, and having a display more beautiful than something you could have even imagined mere decades ago, it is certainly something to behold. The colours are crisp and vibrant, the fluidity of the picture is stunning, and it’s possibly one of the coolest looking things which could blend in perfectly on your wall. Unlike the TV which feels like you could almost roll it up, the name does not roll off the tongue very well, but the OLED77W7P or the OLED65W7P is one of those things which can easily be the new centrepiece of your living room.

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A sound system

What better way to compliment your newfound TV which looks like it stepped straight out of the future into your living room, than with a sound system to make it sound like it’s ready for the future? Well, it’s hard to think of one, so let’s just stick with the sound system for now. Now, the effectiveness of a sound system is often much more dependant on the setup and the acoustics in your living room rather than the price tag, so just keep that in mind before buying. That said, a good sound system, is a good sound system, and much like most other things in life, it does not come free.

We live in times where a home cinema is more possible than ever in a way where you will actually feel as if you’re sitting around watching a cinema-tier experience in your very own home as opposed to just being a home cinema by name. Now once again, it might be hard to look for some good sound systems in the shop, because every single time you ask about one, the employee will tell you that every single one is amazing with the most expensive one being the must-own. Feel free to look up reviews online first to get a better idea of what might be worth looking into before you go out and buy or order online.

Sometimes it’s better to stay on top of the tech-related happenings in the world by following websites such as Sound Certified to actively keep up to date with the industry, but looking up more specific reviews is also a wise decision. In case you don’t feel like spending more than half a thousand on just a sound system, there is a more cost-effective way of boosting your TV’s usually tinny sound, and that’s with the help of a soundbar or a soundbase. They are essentially there to compliment your TV speakers by filling out that low and midrange which TVs usually lack, and once again, look up some reviews of them online before you do.

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Something to actually play on your TV

While some may say that the age of physical media is slowly coming to a close, with services like Amazon Prime and Netflix seemingly taking over the home entertainment market, the truth is that losing all your movies and TV shows the moment you lose your internet connection is not something very pleasant. Of course, there is always the collecting aspect, having a shelf full of all your favourite movies in a quality which is the closest that we’ve gotten to being able to call perfect that’s available for the general public is always an attractive option. Getting a Blu-ray player of some sort, whether you buy a standalone one or a console which also does the job like a PS3 or a PS4 is up to you, but nowadays people mostly go for the game consoles. After all, it’s 2 birds with one stone, play video games, and video respectively with one neat package. Not only does this save you space around your TV, but let’s you have fewer tv remotes lying about. Not to mention that your new-gen console will greatly benefit from the new TV as the PS4 Pro has a range of games which fully support 4K, which look simply stunning in action.