Hand Luggage Essentials For Long-Haul Flights

I used to travel long distance a lot when I was studying abroad, so packing for long distance has become a skill I acquired unconsciously. Knowing what to pack in your hand luggage can be just as tricky as knowing what to pack in your main checked baggage. You don’t want to have too much in there to carry around when you have a layover, but at the same time, you want to be able to make use of what is in there. In many cases, less is more. But what should those items be? Here are a few tips and tricks to help you pack your hand-luggage for long-haul flights. What is your onboard must have?

Face Wipes

When you’re flying long-haul, you may be having a few naps on the flight that can leave you feeling a little groggy when you wake up. Sometimes, your makeup might be all over the place or your face dehydrated and greasy. You want to have a shower or a quick wash, but it’s hard because you’re on the plane.  This is why I love having face wipes, especially the ones with Micellar properties like Simple Micellar Makeup Remover Wipes. It comes in super handy with removing makeup, cleansing your skin, and even just to wipe your hands when they get dirty from dining.


I can’t live without my headphones. A good pair of headphones is essential for any travel lover, as they are useful and versatile. You can use them to listen to your own music on your phone or music player, as well as the plane’s speaker system to watch movies on the flight. They can also work as a way to block out noise, which can be especially good if you have a hard time sleeping on the plane. A pair of noise-canceling headphones from somewhere like KingRadios could be just the thing to help you on a flight. Whatever style you choose, just make sure you have a good pair in your bag.

Books or Magazines

I’m a book lover, and I always carry a book in my bag. Even if there are movies to watch on the flight, having to stare at the screen for hours can hurt your eyes. This is where having something else to do comes in handy. I personally like to read some self-help or philosophical books like The Alchemist as they get me thinking, and what better time to think than when you’re stuck in a plane for long hours? LOL I have a long list of book recommendations on my blog if you don’t know what to read!

Travel Pillow

Getting comfortable is one of the things that can make or break your flight. One way that can help is to take a travel pillow along with you. Some airlines will provide them for you, but most don’t. So having one with you, especially if it is one that folds away and inflates when needed, is a good idea.

Battery Pack

Now that a lot of airlines allow you to have your phone on for flights (on flight mode, of course), it can be tempting to use it for game and music. But this also means that the battery will get used up and you will have very little left over for when you get to your destination and if you need the battery to find accommodation or call someone. This is why a battery pack to charge your phone or tablet with is a must.

These are the few essentials that I MUST have on my long haul flight. Let me know if I missed out on anything at the comment section below. If you’re traveling soon, happy travelling!