3 Sports That Give You A Full Body Workout

I remember when I first started working out, I used to focus only at the areas that I want to lose fat on my body. I would do only abs or glutes workout as those were places that really “matter” to me. However, as I dropped by the gym more often and got help from my personal trainer friends, I realized that I had been doing it wrong all these time. I learned that when you’re putting together a workout routine, it is important to balance it properly and work all areas of your body equally. Otherwise, you’ll end up out of proportion. Imagine having ab lines and thigh gap but your arms are so weak that you can’t even carry heavy groceries – it just doesn’t make sense right?

Because of my tight schedule, I have been trying to be more efficient with my workout routine. Instead of spending hours in the gym focusing on first upper body, then core, then lower body exercises; I am opting for compound exercise for full body workout. There are plenty of great sports that work your entire body at once, these are just some of the best ones.


Swimming is one of the best sports because the resistance of the water helps a lot in building muscles and losing fats without being too intensive. When you swim, you’re constantly keeping your body straight so you’re working your core. Your arms and legs are also moving constantly, giving you a great full body workout. It is also a low impact sport; so if you’ve had a recent injury, it’s a great way to get back into exercising without the risk of hurting yourself further. However, it’s important to use the correct form when swimming if you want to see all of these benefits. If you don’t know how to swim (like me),  swimming lessons at Aquabliss or your local aquatic centre might be a good idea!


If you want to lose fat and tone up but you don’t want to add up a lot of muscles, rowing is the ideal sport for you. It focuses slightly more on your upper body but it really engages your entire body. Rumour has it that you release less testosterone when rowing as compared to a lot of other sports, which is why it stops you from packing on too much extra muscle and just tone up instead. So next time when you’re in the gym, instead of hopping onto the threadmill machine, hop onto the rowing machine instead! 


If you’re sick of traditional sports and want to do something a little more exciting, go bouldering. Bouldering, also known as free climbing helps to improve your agility and coordination. The full body coordination also tones you up as it really engages all of your muscles. Because you’re holding up your bodyweight the entire time, you’re getting a constant workout from climbing those walls. It’s a mix of fun adventure plus workout at the same time. That’s awesome right?

One of my resolutions this year is to get rid of my body fat and get more lean and toned, so I’m hoping that these full body workout will help me to get lean quicker. If you have similar fitness goals, why don’t you try them out yourselves and let me know how it goes? Comment down below and we’ll talk! 😉


Featured photo by Chris Kristiansen

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