Alternative Ways To Improve Your Mental Health

It’s no secret that I struggle with mental health issues. I try to be open about it as much as I can in hopes of creating more awareness about its danger. Over the course of the last few years, through the unfortunate loss of various celebrities and artists, the stigma of mental illnesses is slowly being stripped off thanks to the publicity it’s getting in the news and on social media. I’m not saying that we’re no longer suffering from the stigma, but we’re definitely at the early stage of normalizing mental illnesses.

There are many resources out there that can help us combat mental health issues directly such as mindfulness practices, medical therapies and suicide hotline; but we’ve seen enough of that. Today, I’m going to share the alternative ways to improve your mental health instead!

Watch what you’re putting in your body

I don’t know about you, but when I’m feeling down in the dumps, I love stuffing my face with all sorts of junk food. Most of the time, it comes with lots and lots of alcohol too. Changing what you’re putting in your body for healthier foods and cutting out alcohol or any drugs will completely change your mindset. Did you know that junk food releases chemicals into your brain that will make you more depressed? Which means this habit can become a vicious circle. I know it’s hard, but I guess it’s time for us to break out of bad habits and treat our mind and body to nutritious and healthy foods.

Get out of debt

Being in debt can have a massive effect on one’s mental health, especially if you’re in more debt than you’d like to admit. Concentrate on solving your problem. Focus on getting yourself out of debt and this will free up a large amount of pressure that you’re putting on yourself. A great way to do this is by consolidating all of your debts into a small personal loan so that you will have only one payment to make each month, and usually at an affordable rate too.

Reduce hours at work (instead of taking a break)

Many people choose to take time off work when they suffer with mental health, but this can often have a reverse effect and seclude you from day to day life. Speak to your boss and explain what you’re going through. See if they are able to reduce your hours so that you can concentrate on getting better mentally and not blocking everything out of your life. Sometimes being at work even for a small amount of time can lift you out of your funk.

Eliminate poisonous people from your life

Certain people can have negative effects on you, and there are some people that we simply just don’t get along with. If you have someone in your life that you know isn’t helping with your mental health condition, perhaps it’s time to eliminate them from your life. It might seem harsh, trust me, it took me sooooo long to cut these people out of my life, but getting yourself back to a good state mentally is the most important thing you should be doing.

There you go, a few alternative ways you can improve your mental health. Remember, you should never struggle alone through mental health issues. Try to open up to your close ones and seek help. No matter how small your issues seem, there will be always be someone out there who understands. You can do this! xx Wendy


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