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5 Ways To Beautify Your Smile

See that smile up there? That’s the smile that almost everyone remembers me for. My smile has been my signature feature ever since I can remember. It is a feature that honestly, I didn’t appreciate during my teenage years until I’m all grown up. I realize that having perfect teeth is something that’s still at the top of many people’s beauty wish lists, and it seems that it can affect you more in adulthood than it did when you were a teenager!

Unlike having a Victoria’s Secret body or the wardrobe of a Kardashian, the quest for the perfect teeth is something that you can actually achieve. While I am blessed to have pretty awesome teeth naturally, I do have some tips for you to work your way towards a beautiful smile!

Improve your oral health

Part of the problem with your teeth’s appearance can come from having the wrong oral health routine. Good oral health consists of more than just brushing and flossing. Besides making a regular appointment with your dentist to check for problems, there are some great tips you can follow to ensure healthier gums and teeth.

Use teeth whitening products

If you aren’t naturally blessed with white teeth (like me hahahaha), there are solutions readily available to help you get those pearly whites. For starters, you’re going to need to cut down on teeth stainers like coffee and tea and start using whitening toothpaste. There are some at home whitening treatments you can try, but it’s recommended that you only choose ones from reputable retailers. (btw I was joking, my teeth aren’t that white either ?)

Consider dental work

If you’re really unhappy with your teeth and how you smile, you could always get some work done. Recently, I’ve been seeing many social influencers recommending treatments like Invisalign, which is a subtle way to get straighter teeth without having to wear a brace. There are also different options available to you like veneers or implants that could drastically improve the look of your smile.

Use makeup to enhance it

Makeup is great for improving your smile. I notice from my photos that on days that I wear darker and warmer tone lipsticks, it really accentuates my smile as the colours are more contrasting and highlighted. The overall enhancement of my look through make up also made me feel good about how I look, which then causes me to not be able to hide my beautiful smile. See what I did there? Make up makes your skin glow and beautifies your smile. ?

Stop giving much fuck and just practice it

If you’re really uncomfortable with your smile, then it could be the result of a deeper confidence issue. But fear not, confidence is something you can work on it. In the same way that you would prepare for a presentation by talking in front of the mirror, try looking in the mirror and practice your smile. Becoming more comfortable with your appearance can help you build your confidence, so don’t be afraid to look in the mirror at your beautiful self.

When you smile, your face brightens up and lightens others’ day. So if something is holding you back from smiling, do something about it. Good oral hygiene and makeup are two easy steps to start, work on improving your smile for the confidence to shine through! ?✨ xx Wendy


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