Hit The Spot: How To Get Rid Of Pimples

Recently, my teenage niece Melissa came up to me for some pimple help. I remember being so insecure when I was at her age because of my acne face. Hormonal imbalances during puberty made many of us suffer during our younger days. While some people are so lucky to never get a pimple in their life, many adults like me still continue to struggle with spots due to stress and unhealthy diet. I thought it’ll be nice to share with you a few ways to help clear up those spots, as they have helped me clear mine:


Picking at those annoying zits is the worst thing you can do. Yes, it feels satisfying to pick up your own fight and battle your mortal enemy, but it can lead to scarring, which can cause bacteria to enter the affected area and possibly develop acne. Try not to touch your spots with your hands at all. In fact, touching your face less in general can help to stop further spots appearing – it’s one of the leading reasons faces get oily.

2. Wash your face regularly

Washing your face morning and night can stop dirt from getting trapped in pores and creating new spots. It can also help existing spots to heal. Ideally, you should also be washing your face after vigorous exercise as sweat could be aiding in the blocking of your pores!

3. Be careful with cosmetics

You know how much I love my make up, but I gotta say, they can be a pain in the ass if we don’t properly remove them too. Be careful of piling on too much foundation, and make sure that you’re always removing your make up before going to bed, even after a crazy night out. Moisturizers can be particularly bad for oily skin like mine – try to stick to special moisturiser products for spot-prone skin such as SkinCeuticals Renew Overnight Oily. There are all kinds of specialist cosmetics out there, which are worth trying out until your spots disappear.

4. Use spot treatment products

There are many spot treatment products on the market. The likes of COSRX BHA blackhead powder liquid removes stubborn blackheads, and is great for treating skin before spots appear. For treating existing pimples, I personally like to use tea tree oil, Benzoic acid or Salicylic acid. Your local pharmacy is likely to have a selection of products to choose from – be patient, and try a range of different products to see which one works best for you.

5. Consider professional treatment

For serious cases of acne, it could be worth considering professional treatment. Antibiotics can sometimes reduce the inflammation of acne but must be prescribed by a doctor. There are other forms of professional treatment out there such as acne chemical peels, which helps to remove blackheads and papules causing mild acne. Another option could be Blue Light Therapy commonly known as ClearLight – this form of treatment uses a high intensity blue light that helps to kill acne-causing bacteria. There are treatment centres across the country that can offer these procedures. They can be expensive, so should only be used for serious cases.

If you have an acne face and you’re reading this, I want you to know that you’re not the only one. I spent most of my teenage days hating how I look and hiding under thick layers of make up. But as I grew up and learned to let go of that insecurity, I found myself being so much more confident, and that confidence somehow gave me this glow that no make up can give. I’m rooting for you honey, you got this. xx 


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