2017 Recap

Earlier this year when I was writing my New Year’s Reflection, I wanted myself to focus on three things – power, perseverance and love. Power to achieve all that I wanted, perseverance to get through all the tough times, and to learn to love myself and those around me better. I’d say that throughout the year, I achieved all of them in very unexpected ways. 

First of all, my life changed after I had another major depressive episode earlier this year, which led me to start taking antidepressants and tender my resignation letter in March. Since then, I moved back to my hometown and stayed there for 8 months until I moved back to Kuala Lumpur this week, for a new job starting in January 2018. Despite not understanding depression or why I suffer from depression, my family has been extremely understanding and supportive throughout this period. My parents never once pushed me to get out there although they weren’t doing that well financially. My nieces and sister were always there, I repeat, ALWAYS there for me to the point I find them overbearing. I was well taken care of and I’m grateful for it.

Besides that, in these 8 months, I’d left doors opened the ways I never did. Because of that, I came across so many random things that would teach me so much. I started my YouTube channel, a mini henna business, and a freelance business on web building and designing, which aided me financially during my 8 months of funemployment. My friend reached out to start an NGO/social business together and I said yes. I got to travel to Cambodia and Chiang Mai, spend time with some old friends from my hometown and spend so much fun time with my best friend Vivian who was back in town. These were things that I wouldn’t be able to do if I were to be busy with a full time job, and they eventually led to my recovery and a new job.

If I have to describe 2017 is a sentence, it’ll be the year that I explored and found the answer to what I want in life. I found direction and the courage to take that path. I found power, perseverance and love after getting rescued from darkness, and I learn that I’m super blessed. Here’s a video of the positive highlights of the year, I hope you enjoy it. Happy New Year 2018! 🙂  xx Wendy