Mini Kitty Photoshoot for Tiger Maui

Last week, my niece brought a baby kitten who lost its mum home. The cat had been left abandoned, hungry and alone at her school for a while and my niece couldn’t bear to live it there. As we tried looking for a rightful owner (couldn’t take it in myself since I plan to travel a lot in the coming years), we fed and took care of her. We named her Tiger Maui because she looks like a baby tiger and I honestly don’t remember why my nieces insisted on the Maui part. LOL

As the kitten was only one or two weeks old, she was really dependent. We had to bottle feed her with cat formula every 2-3 hours, stimulate her genitals to help her pee and poop, and she couldn’t stop crying when she’s awake. I was nursing Maui most of the time since my nieces had school, and in the short period of time, I grew attached to her as she did to me. 

Yesterday, before dropping Tiger Maui off with her new owners, we had a mini kitty photoshoot with her to commemorate the short time that we got to spend together. 

Bye bye Tiger Maui. Your foster mother and family hope that you live happily and are well loved by your new owners. Don’t ever feel like your mama abandoned you, as we believe that you are called for bigger things alright? We love you! ?