Back to School in Avocado Style

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Back to School in Avocado Style

It is no secret that I am obsessed with avocados. My nickname in my previous company was “the avocado girl”. On my graduation day, I received a basket of avocados, an avocado print pen, an avocado soap, a bottle of avocado oil and an avocado bookmark as graduation gifts. Anything that has the word “avocado” or avocado prints catches my attention, and friends tag me in all the avocado related videos and memes that they come across on the internet. A few days ago when I was scrolling through Polyvore, I came across a really cute avocado backpack, and started looking for all the cute avocado style items I could find online. 

While I no longer go to school, I ended up creating a set that includes all avocado style fashion and stationary items. They are all to cute to be left unshared!



Short sleeve summer top
60 MYR –

Goldsheep activewear pants
410 MYR –

Soludos slip on trainers
230 MYR –

Travel rucksack
90 MYR –

Embroidered handbag
580 MYR –

Betsey Johnson round watch
320 MYR –

Casetify iphone cover case
170 MYR –

Anna Coroneo silk twill scarve
415 MYR –

Ankit plush throw pillow
64 MYR –

Tracie Andrews fruit home decor
115 MYR –

Colored box
33 MYR –

Green pencil
64 MYR –


Which one out of these items is your favourite? My personal top pick is the phone case from Casetify because it’s so relatable. I hate it when avocados take so long to ripe but so quick to go bad. It also reflects the student life so perfectly – You always say “not yet” to studying but when you finally feel like doing it, it’s too late because you’ve procrastinated too much. πŸ˜‚

I don’t know how it all started, but this avocado trend started picking up a few years ago and it does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. I’m not complaining, I just hope that the price of avocado will go down so that I can eat it more often. #broke #confessionsofanavocadoholic πŸ’”

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Featured image by Kurt Chang.

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