Mid Year Reflection

I took out my journal and flipped to my New Year’s Resolution page yesterday. It’s the 1st of July, mid of the year, Canada Day, (okay not really related but I had to point that out lol) – I had to take a step back and see if I’m still on track with my NYRs. Like many others, I often forget about my NYR few weeks after the year begins, but I try to make a checkpoint every now and then to remind myself of what I wanted to achieve at the start of the year.

To my surprise, I actually crossed off 9 out of 11 of the things I wrote. Yeap, and I actually went “shit, this is impossible…” and skimmed through the list to make sure I checked them right. The truth is, with so many things going on in my life, what with the roller coastal of emotions I had because of depression, relationship dramas and joblessness, I thought I achieved nothing in life.

I had been comparing myself to peers who are working hard at their first jobs, doing the 9-to-5 grind (wait, I mean 9-to-9) and seem to have their shit together. Despite knowing what I want and what I’m doing right now, I sometimes feel the guilt of quitting my job and moving back to live with my parents, I feel like a stereotypical loser. But you know what? Checking all these items off my NYR reminds me that my biggest competitor is my old self, and I seem to be at the winning side in this ongoing battle.

I decided to focus on my own wellbeing earlier this year as I wasn’t happy (read this post to find out more about it) and I guess I’m doing it right. Career wise, there’re still a lot for me to work on, but I’m positive that with my mental health being taken care of, and a clearer direction of where I’ve chosen to head, I’ll catch up and excel in no time.

That being said, I’ll be taking a while off blogging to reorganize my content and hopefully get a new layout ready and done in two weeks time. I’m hoping to make better use of this website to support my dream, in which the planning is still in progress so I’ll let you know after everything is better in place alright? In the meantime, be sure to follow my Instagram account @wendyvazzy to keep up with what I have been up to. Don’t miss me too much, take care! ❤️