My First Vlog and I’m Crying In It

I had been struggling to blog in the past few months, reason being I felt uninspired after spending long days at work, and I was struggling with a lot of personal issues. I created this blog years ago to be a positive space for me to share my journey in pursuing happiness. Yet, when things get tough and my mental health started being compromised, it became challenging for me to keep doing so.

Some things are better spoken than written, and I decided that this is one of them. Last week, when I lost my camera, I decided to video and rant to you guys. I didn’t want to blog, as blogging gives me the liberty of rephrasing what I’m trying to say and editing it until it seems perfect. Not to say that it’s a bad thing, many times last time that was what helped me reflect and be more positive; but I just wanted to talk and let the unfiltered, truthful side of me be shown to you this time. 

I believe that my PMS has to be partially blamed for those leaking taps, and I am already taking some measures to solve that problem. Don’t worry, the same old wendyvazzy is still here and I’ll try my best to get better.