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February 2017

  • Lifestyle

    The Little Celebrations in Life

    As I opened up and became more transparent about how I was doing in the past few months, I felt more inclined to feel better and get better every day. However, mental illness is an…

    February 25, 2017
  • Goodreads Lifestyle

    Losing Myself

    In my last blog post, also my first vlog on YouTube, I expressed my frustration in losing my camera and my bracelet. Both of these items meant a lot to me. My 4 years old Sony Nex-3N holds…

    February 12, 2017
  • Lifestyle

    My First Vlog and I’m Crying In It

    I had been struggling to blog in the past few months, reason being I felt uninspired after spending long days at work, and I was struggling with a lot of personal issues. I created this blog years ago to…

    February 2, 2017