My First Barre Class in Pure Barre Vancouver – Kitsilano

On Wednesday morning, I had the chance to attend a press preview for the new Pure Barre studio in KitsilanoPure Barre is the largest, most established barre franchise in North America with more than 370 studios (!!) and the studio on West 4th is the first franchise in Vancouver, BC.

Now, in case you are wondering, “what the hell is barre?”  Think of it as a fitness class that incorporates principles from pilates, yoga, and of course, ballet to sculpt, tone and strengthen your body. With a lot of stretches and holding and tiny pulses, the low impact workout helps in improving endurance, flexibility and balance. Still confused? Just picture Dwayne Johnson doing squads while tippy toeing in a tutu:


Not that hard to picture, right? ?

So anyways, back at my first barre fitness experience. Walking into Pure Barre, I was welcomed by the amazing scent of Saje Natural Wellness aromatherapy and the friendly staff from the studio. I was prompted to sign a waiver form before changing into my workout appropriate outfit. If it is your first time going for a barre workout, a workout top, capris or leggings (no shorts), and a pair of sticky socks will do. The sticky socks helps you to not slide during your workout, which is much needed. Good thing – you can get them easily at the studio!


Bag/clothes/shoes storage area when you workout


My class was taught by the owner of the studio, Tanya Schneider. The 55-minute Pure Barre class was fast-paced and intense, but was easy to follow. Because it was the first time for many of us, I was not the only one who felt uncoordinated and confused. Some of the moves got me like “Okay wtf am I doing?” but I managed to catch up after a little bit of observing and maneuvering. 

Midway through the tippy toe squads, my legs were shaking. It was shaking so hard that I had to pause for a bit and catch up. Albeit embarrassing, I was motivated to get back into the moves as everyone else was still on it. That’s what I like about group fitness classes, you’ll be motivated to not give up so easily after you fail. After all, Tanya has a really nice playlist that made me want to keep moving with the beat! 


Feeling graceful like a ballerina ?



Looking serious, or rather constipated while on plank. I mean, who look good when they workout anyway?

Due to the fast-pace nature and many movement changes, 55 minutes went by really fast. By the end of the lesson, I was honestly amazed by how much workout I’ve done, especially since my class was early in the morning and I felt like my entire body was stretched and worked out and ready for the day. I also felt a very good muscle sore the day after, specifically in muscle groups that I never knew existed before (like the sides of my ass). It was definitely a great workout.

If you are interested, you can click here to find out more about Pure Barre Kitsilano or follow them on Instagram here. All of the photos were taken by the amazing photographer, Kezia Nathe, and I’ll see you in my next post. Have a great Easter long weekend everyone!